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Ste-Marie: a category 1 staff dog attacks a 12-year-old child in the private parts and thigh, the victim hospitalized

This Sunday, September 4 in Sainte-Marie, 12-year-old Lucas was attacked by a category 1 staff dog. He was seriously bitten in the thigh and in the private parts. He was hospitalized and operated on at the Saint-Denis University Hospital.

Lucas 12 years old attacked by a category 1 staff dog

The facts took place this Sunday, September 4 in the afternoon in Sainte-Marie. Lucas decides to walk his dog in the street. He meets a category 1 staff dog without a muzzle with his owner.

Lucas was directly attacked by him in the thigh and private parts. According to the victim’s family, the owner of the staff dog did not help Lucas and fled without calling for help.

The emergency services took care of him and he was hospitalized at the CHU Nord for an emergency operation. A handrail was filed by Lucas’ mother in the evening: “We cannot file a complaint because the police want to hear Lucas, unfortunately he is still hospitalized. We are worried because normally we must act within 24 hours after a dog attack”.

Lucas had to undergo several operations following his numerous injuries:

– Wound on the inner face of the right thigh in a V shape 4 cm in radius, subcutaneous detachment, suprafacial

– 3 cm scrotal wound on the median raphe, detachment of the dartos and vagina visible on both sides without effraction

– Wound of the penis of 4cm in the extension of the scrotal wound turning towards the left of the penis, no urethral wound.

Attack dogs (1st category)

Affected dogs:

These are not pedigree dogs but crossbreeds.
These are dogs not registered in a genealogical book recognized by the ministry in charge of agriculture and which can be related morphologically to the following breeds:

Staffordshire terrier or American Staffordshire terrier (dogs called “pit bulls”),

Mastiff (dogs called “boerbulls”),

Note: the Staffordshire terrier breed is the old name of the American Staffordshire terrier breed.

Prohibitions and obligations:

The person who acquired an attack dog, before the application of the regulations on dangerous dogs in 2010, must hold a license.

Prohibition of purchase, sale, donation, import and introduction into France

Prohibition of access to public transport, public places and premises open to the public, outside the public highway

Prohibition to stay in the common areas of apartment buildings

Obligation of sterilization, attested by a veterinary certificate

Obligation to be muzzled and kept on a leash by an adult on public roads and in the common areas of apartment buildings.

Sanctions in the event of non-compliance with the regulations

The owner or holder of a dangerous dog, who does not comply with any of the above prohibitions or obligations, risks a fine. In some cases, he also faces a prison sentence.


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