Strange alligator without upper jaw spotted in Florida

Illustrative image — SunflowerMomma /

In the Everglades wetland, located in southern Florida, a surprising-looking alligator has been spotted. Indeed, he is missing part of his upper jaw. Explanations.

The photos, posted on Facebook by a certain Stacey Lynette, show the alligator visibly injured. He walks around with his lower teeth protruding where the tip of his upper jaw should have been. “I saw this alligator from afar and it seemed weird to me”she wrote in her post. “I grabbed my camera and sure enough the whole end of his upper jaw was gone. The picture quality sucks because he was so far away. From the looks of it, he’s fine. »

In Florida, hunting large reptiles is legal. This alligator must therefore have lost part of its jaw when it was attacked. Even though these animals are good at healing themselves and are among the few species of terrestrial vertebrates that can regrow severed limbs, it seems that this one was not able to regrow its entire jaw. His healing abilities still probably helped him not bleed to death.

Catching prey with your teeth should therefore not be easy for this alligator. It must surely feed on invertebrates, fish, turtles or even amphibians to survive.

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