Strangeness of life: watch a young chameleon emerge from its egg!

Chameleons are reptiles highly appreciated by terrariophiles for their colors and their unique appearances. The most seasoned breeders may have been lucky enough to see a young chameleon emerge from its egg like in this video, shot in Texas in the United States. The reptile is struggling to get out of its egg, which has been split open. It usually takes one or two days for the juveniles to get out of the shell soft once the hole is drilled, but the latter seems to block. By one pressure gentle on the soft shell of the egg, the breeder helps his little protege to get out.

But, even on the outside, the reptile seems in bad shape. He is curled up on himself, a normal position adopted by chameleons during their development, but he cannot spread his limbs, visibly stuck in the viscous contents of the egg. He doesn’t seem to be breathing either. A little stunned, the young chameleon ends up breathing and moving its limbs with the support of the breeder. Recovered from these emotions, the little chameleon finally moves its legs and walks quietly as if nothing had happened. All’s well That ends well !

If they are popular with terrariophiles, chameleons nevertheless remain very delicate animals that are difficult to keep in captivity. In nature, we find these flamboyant reptiles in Africa, the Middle East, India, but especially in Madagascar or many species are endemic from the island.


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