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Strasbourg: two kittens and their mother thrown out of the window, an open investigation

The Ti Chat 29 association collects food for abandoned cats.
Two kittens and their mother were defenestrated in the Conseil des XV district (Strasbourg) on ​​Monday August 8, 2022, the SPA will file a complaint. (©Illustration/Pixabay)

Dark affair in the XV council district (Strasbourg), Monday August 8, 2022: three felines were thrown out of the window on the sixth floor of a building on rue de Rotterdam.

If it is not a “classic case of abuse”, indicates the national police, the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) will file a complaint this week.

Because it’s a four year old child who would have defenestrated a cat and two of her kittens that evening. An investigation will be opened “to establish the statements of each”, specifies the police.

Two kittens died, cat euthanized

If the two kittens died on the spot, the cat survived the shock, specifies Catherine Bronner, manager at the Strasbourg SPA.

“She had a burst vertebra and was inoperable. She would have been paralyzed from the whole lower body, ”she explains. The cat was eventually euthanized.

Before filing a complaint, the SPA is waiting for the latest documents from the veterinarian. “We have an autopsy report,” says Ms. Bronner. In the meantime, the three kittens remaining in the family have been requisitioned and placed at the SPA.

“We have a lot of questions about this case, a four-year-old child should not be left alone with kittens, we want to understand what happened,” she continues.

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A four-year-old child is believed to be behind the act

The alleged perpetrator is in fact a four-year-old child, living with two other children and his grandmother, according to the police. “The latter is shocked,” she continues.

According to the neighbors, the child in question would have a tendency to throw objects out the window. A investigation is open to verify the sequence of events, but the risk of prosecution is low, according to the police: “It is a four-year-old child,” she recalls.

In the law, involuntary animal abuse is punished by a fine of 450 euros and a much heavier sanction when the act is voluntary.

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