Strawberry picking in Ile-de-France, here we go again!

By Manon C., My B. Photos by My B. Posted May 11, 2022, 6:40 PM

Buying strawberries is good, but picking them yourself is better! Darselect, Cigaline, Sonata, Charlotte, Mara or Gariguette are among the first varieties of strawberries that await you now in the many Straw Hat pickings. Seasonal strawberries, tested and tasted on site, to eat plain or to garnish your pies and jam jars, we take it!

Notice to lovers of strawberries, the season has arrived! And to feast on good strawberries freshly picked by your own care, go to the many Straw Hat pickings which are legion in Ile-de-France. Local, seasonal, variety and affordable prices, we validate.

In the Pickups Hat of Straws, there are on average about ten varieties of seasonal strawberries and 3 to 4 varieties of ever-growing strawberries. Darselect, Cigaline, Sonata, Charlotte, Mara, Anaïs or Gariguette… are among the varieties that you can find in the different spots.

Strawberry picking around ParisStrawberry picking around ParisStrawberry picking around Paris

Cléry, Deluxe, Joly, Gariguette, Salsa, Malwina, Darselect, Asia, Sonata, Magnum, Rubis des jardins, Faith, Flair, Korona are the stars of the season, from spring to mid-July. The fresh and fragrant Cléry is the first to show up and the Malwina, the last.

We like authentic, tasty and rustic varieties and the advantage of going to the pickings is that we can taste them all before filling the basket.

Then, it’s up to the ascenders to take over until autumn. Charlotte, Mara des Bois, Cirafine and Mariguette are the stars of the post-season, less productive but tasty.

Strawberry picking around ParisStrawberry picking around ParisStrawberry picking around ParisStrawberry picking around Paris

With Chapeau de Paille, it’s hard to shorten the time between harvest and consumption. No plane, no transport, as few pesticides as possible with sustainable agriculture of this network of French agricultural producers. The pickings in self-service welcome you in a real space of freedom a few minutes from Paris.

There are no less than 10 pickings Straw hat in the Paris region. You are spoiled for choice so do not hesitate to share a pleasant moment full of flavors with your future child:

Also note that during the weekends of June 4/5 and June 11/12, on the occasion of the Strawberry Festival, many animation are organized at the pickings in Le Plessis: tastingsa raffleworkshops repottingand distributions of recipes and coloring for children!

So, want to strawberries ? A word of advice, pick them with their peduncle for better conservation. And since it’s also the season, we think of asparagus, carrots, white onions, salads, peas and rhubarb…

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