Stray cat falls head over heels in love with housewife and visits her every day (video)

Cats also have feelings and this red tom tom proves it to his sweetheart by visiting her every day until she accepts him by her side. The video posted on TikTok moved Internet users. And for good reason ! The images are touching.

A story of feline romance like there are few! The owner of Mia, an indoor cat, filmed the advances of a fat twink wandering the streets of his neighborhood. However, at the beginning, Mia was completely insensitive to the charms of this not very clean feline. She hissed at him to let him know he wasn’t welcome. But thanks to his perseverance, he was able to convince her to give him a chance.

According to the master of Miahe always arrives by the roof of the house and observes with tenderness his beloved comfortably installed in his basket.

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@salveamia / Video capture

Mia deprived of exit

When her suitor landed, Mia suffered from infectious peritonitis, an extremely contagious disease that can cause the death of the animal. Fortunately, she recovered, but it was important that she stay confined so as not to contaminate the other felines in the area.

The master gave food to the newcomer so that he had everything he needed to survive, but could not offer him a roof.

Never mind, the ginger cat had decided to be patient. He can be seen discreetly watching her from afar as she revels in a siesta in the sun and then moves closer to the window after dark.


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The video posted in March 2022 has been viewed more than 8 million times, received 1.5 million likes and 17,400 comments from people moved by this romance.

The owner of Mia explained that little by little, she was impatiently waiting for her appearance. Now, the 2 cats are closer than ever. “Now they sleep together, talk loudly and even go into hiding”he told Amomeupet.


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