Stray Cat Found With Mange Shows Unparalleled Resilience

Scabies is a parasitic disease caused by the proliferation of mites. Their bites cause itching, flaking of the epidermis, hair loss or skin inflammation. When left untreated, it can spread throughout the body. That’s what happened to that poor cat.

2 members of the association Cats of San Bernardinospecializing in rescuing stray cats in the state of California to United Stateswere returning from a mission when they came across a specimen in bad shape.

They therefore stopped their vehicle to go and help him. Contrary to what they expected, the 9-year-old cat named Oceanusallowed himself to be approached.

Good Samaritans were horrified upon noticing the extent of the damage. They therefore placed him in a transport box and took him to the vet.


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A chilling diagnosis

Oceanus has probably never known life indoors. After an alarming general examination, both in terms of scabies and his blood test results, he was castrated.

Without waiting, the animal doctors also started a shock treatment aimed at eradicating the mites at the origin of the disease and then provided the care that relieved the ailments caused.

“We didn’t know what his demeanor would be like, but he’s extremely gentle, very vocal and understanding”a spokesperson told OneGrennPlanet.


Oceanus Update!Big guy went to the vet last Friday for a general checkup. His mange has been treated and his fecal test came back Negative ???? His diarrhea is improving..his system might have had a bit of shock in response to his new level of nutritional intake. He has an abscess that is forming on his front right arm. He is going to go back to the vet tomorrow to have that launched and drained. We will also be getting some bloodwork done which they didn’t have time to perform last week. We will have another update on him coming after we get some updates from the vet tomorrow. Wish him luck. He is a bit better but still has a lot going on.

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It will take a long time for Oceanus to fully recover. “His scabies was treated and his fecal test came back normal. His diarrhea is improving… his digestive system may have been a little shocked in response to his new level of nutritional intake”explained the spokesperson.

Indeed, the tomcat was also extremely skinny. It therefore regains strength thanks to an adapted diet.

Furthermore, Oceanus had an abscess on a front paw which tended to become infected. He therefore returned to the clinic to have the wound incised and drained.

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Oceanus Update! Big boy is heading into the vet today ???? He is going to be getting neutered, bloodwork, and a fecal exam. Poor little dude has pretty bad diarrhea. We have already started treating his mange but it will take awhile for it to clear up. We weren’t sure what his demeanor would be like, but he is extremely sweet, and very vocal. We will keep everyone posted on what we find out at the Vet today ???? #catsoftiktok #ItsGreatOutdoors

? original sound – catsofsanbernardino

Today, the state of health ofOceanus has improved markedly. Although the road to recovery is still long, the members of the shelter notice that he already feels better in his paws. “He is extremely friendly and is adjusting well to his new surroundings”said the spokesperson.


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