Stray cats poisoned in Lavault-Sainte-Anne (Allier): “the cruelty of this act is obvious”

In the Roudiers sector, in Lavault-Sainte-Anne, about fifteen stray cats had settled. In recent days, the small group has been decimated by a series of poisonings.

Jean Ragot, a resident of the district, thus chained the macabre discoveries around his home: “I knew these cats well. I had already collected three of them to have them identified. “11 tomcats, found dead or dying, in three days: “It is a serious act, punishable by law”, recalls Maïté, investigator at the SPA of Montluçon.

When we know the suffering they endured, the cruelty of this act is obvious.

Maite (investigator at the Montluçon SPA)

In Lavault-Sainte-Anne, the agreement with an animal protection association, which allows sterilization campaigns, has not been renewed for several years: “This is a question that creates tension. Some don’t see the point of spending their taxes on these actions. The longer we leave it lying around, the more the nuisances increase and the more the problem will be onerous to solve”, says Maïté, “closing our eyes and refusing to feed them is not enough, the concern only moves around. Indeed, sterilization campaigns have a cost, “50 euros per cat” with the SPA.

Empower cat owners

A significant annual expense for small towns, but necessary in view of the irresponsibility of some: “If there are stray cats, it is because the owners’ cats are not castrated and sterilized. We put the blame a lot on the town halls, but these cats do not fall from the sky, ”recalls Maïté.

The Puy-de-Dôme APA launches a campaign to sterilize stray cats

According to the investigator, sterilizations should also be accompanied by an awareness campaign among the population.

Just because nothing is in place doesn’t mean you have to take the law into your own hands!

Maite (investigator at the Montluçon SPA)

A complaint filed by the SPA

For the cats of Lavault-Sainte-Anne, Maïté has filed a complaint and reminds that anyone who has information or whose cat has been the victim of these poisonings can appeal to the association or the town hall directly. Jean Ragot launched the petition Stop cat poisoning “.

Delphine Simoneau


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