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Stray dogs: a potential danger, but killing them is not a solution and alternatives exist

By Mohamed Chakir Alaoui and Brahim Moussaaid on 08/19/2022 at 9:32 p.m. (updated on 08/19/2022 at 10:02 p.m.)

Following the tragedy in Dakhla, where a Frenchwoman succumbed to her injuries caused by stray dogs, the problem is again essential. Solutions exist and Moroccan associations for the protection of animals are already setting an example. Killing is never a solution.


“We need a government strategy to generalize the sterilization and vaccination of dogs in order to reduce the numbers of these street animals,” said Ahmed Tazi, president of the Moroccan Association for the Defense of Animals and Nature (ADAN). “Killing stray dogs with guns, poisoning or any other means is not a solution to this problem,” he explained.

For Tazi, “sterilizing and releasing these dogs is the best solution”. Emphasizing that “the drama of Dakhla reflects a bad image of the country” (just like the fact of killing them, editor’s note), he invited the public authorities, the municipalities, the regional councils and the NGOs to mobilize to “succeed in the campaign national sterilization program to better manage the canine population.

Based on statistics, the president of ADAN also indicated that the number of people declared dead each year in Morocco following dog bites is 30.

The association leader also highlighted the valuable collaboration of the regional authorities of Rabat thanks to which an agreement was signed in 2021 for the construction, on one hectare, of a regional animal dispensary. This agreement was concluded with the current wali and the former secretary general of the Department of Water and Forests. The solution is to be found here.

This clinic, whose construction is nearing completion, will replace the Yacoub El Mansour animal shelter, whose premises have become too cramped and lack adequate equipment. The future structure will have the mission of welcoming and caring for stray dogs in the Rabat region. And to prevent dogs from being shot. It’s important, too. And thank you.

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