Stray: play with your cat with this mod!

news tip Stray: play with your cat with this mod!

With its endearing protagonist and intriguing universe, Stray continues to attract gamers. Moreover, the growing BlueTwelve gaming community has it all, as modders have decided to do their peers a favor by allowing them to add their cat to Stray’s cast. We explain to you:

The cat with 9 vi(wise)

Available since July 19 on Sony consoles (PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5) and on PC, Stray invites you into a futuristic world where humans are no longer. Instead, robots populate the streets of the sealed city, which you must walk from end to end as a ginger cat. Originally from the Outside, this young feline finds himself lost in this world of cyberpunk inspiration and tries by all means to return home and reunite with his loved ones. As agile as he is endearing, Stray’s prochagonist has conquered many players thanks to his pretty little face, but it looks like fans haven’t seen anything yet.

Indeed, the community has been mobilizing since the game’s release to create mods, these famous modifications applicable to the PC version of the game and capable of changing certain aspects of it – for good or for bad. As you might expect, some are quite wacky since they allow you to transform the poor animal into unexpected characters or modify its meows. Others aim more to please players and increase immersion by giving them the chance embody their own in-game catas you can see below:

Some modders, conquered by the little face of the hero and by his behavior faithful to the real model, have taken it into their heads to change its appearance to add more realism to BlueTwelve’s game. What could be more attractive than being able to embody a cat that looks like ours? Besides being even cuter, this process makes the game all the more immersivesince the attachment to the character is itself multiplied by that which you have for your four-legged friend.

If you own the PC version of Stray and you are interested in this kind of mods, consider consulting the dedicated page on Nexus Mods. There you’ll find a bunch of options to change the character’s coat, ranging from basic black dress to tiger and tortoiseshell furs, including different iterations of colorpoint. Once you find a color you like, just create an account for free for download .pak file and copy it to the folder packs of the game, either “steamsteamappscommonStrayHk_projectContentPaks” for Steam.

For the more creative, there is even customization tools implemented by modders allowing you to create your own design – provided of course you have the required software.

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