Stray pregnant cat couldn’t walk, she heals for love of her kittens

A pregnant, homeless ginger cat wandered the streets of Mansfield, Texas, crying desperately for help as she was unable to walk and crawled to safety.

Susan Edstrom, founder of Four Paws One Heart Animal Rescue Center, located in Trophy Club, Texas heard about this cat and decided to help her.

Without hesitation, they picked up the needy cat and took her to several vets for various tests and x-rays to determine her condition.

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Homeless pregnant cat gets some help

Susan told Love Meow:

The cat has a very strong will to live… A pellet was determined to be lodged in the T9 area of ​​the spine. The consensus was to leave it there to avoid further damage. She had sensations in her paws when they were touched. »

On top of that they discovered something even more surprising, an x-ray revealed that the cat was pregnant.

The cat named Chelsea was placed in foster care for her recovery, and over the next few weeks proved to be very strong and resilient.

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Chelsea moved her legs trying to use them and every day she crawled for exercise, while her carer performed therapies on her hind legs.

Susan explains as follows:

“We bought a litter for the older cats and she was trying to use it. Eventually we saw videos of her getting up, wobbling and falling, but she was persistent. »

One day, she stood on her four legs and began to take her first steps, slowly but surely.

After a few days, she was using the litter box and taking advantage of her little movements to scratch the tops of her ears with her hind legs. On March 31, to everyone’s surprisethe cat gave birth to five beautiful, healthy babies in the comfort of her new home.

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Everything seemed to indicate that the cat was ready for this moment and that she was ready to take care of her tiny and demanding newborn kittens.

Chelsea turned out to be a unique, wonderful and devoted mother; she took care of all the demands and needs of her babies, and constantly watched over them as they grew up successfully.

Soon all of her kittens were up for adoption and soon found forever homes, except for one, adorable Georgie Boy, who is a miniature version of Chelsea; the two were still waiting for a home and, in the meantime, kept each other company.

It seems Georgie Boy’s company was what Chelsea needed so badly from the start, as she was a very shy and wary cat. But thanks to her little kitten who adores humans, little by little, Chelsea trusted people and grew closer to them.

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Little Georgie Boy’s energy and confidence rubbed off on his mother, who began to play and show who she truly was.

Susan commented:

“They are constant companions and you often find him sleeping, curled up with his paw on her, like his protector. »

They have created a lovely mother-child bond. So the members of the rescue center think it is best that they are adopted together.

The cat improves its movements, it begins to move its hindquarters before jumping, which makes it easier for it to play like any other cat. She also learned to use the cat tree, although she does at his own pace, but her small steps definitely show big progress.

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The adorable cat has come a long way in her life, from not being able to walk to raising five gorgeous babies, she is truly a fighter.

Susan added:

“She deserves to always have a cozy bed and someone to love her. »

Chelsea will stay in her foster home until a kind-hearted family decides to adopt her and her little kitten because they are meant to be together.

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