Stray: What if our star cat of the moment was a fan of Skyrim?

Game news Stray: What if our star cat of the moment was a fan of Skyrim?

Definitely, Stray’s little cat is undoubtedly the star of recent days in video game news. Highly anticipated since its announcement, it is only logical that the title is relatively well received by players. Moreover, some of them did not wait very long to search the title from top to bottom, determined to unlock the secrets of our little four-legged friend.

Loyal players

Barely two short days after its release, many players have already completed Stray, a game developed by Blue Twelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive in which you play as a stray cat, lost in the middle of a cyber-city. The cuteness of the animal as well as its touching story are enough to convince a good number of players and as proof, according to a tweet from BenjiSales, the game ” smashed the concurrent player count record for an Annapurna Interactive game and easily became the publisher’s top PC launch “.

And since the game is a bit short, around six hours if you go through it all in a straight line, some players had fun dissecting the sequences, one after the other. Chapter after chapter, certain details have therefore not escaped the scrutiny of certain players who have been able to unearth a few ” easter eggs » hidden in the dialoguesand which refer to a famous role-playing game.

A first reference

We won’t make the suspense last longer, it’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a role-playing game that needs no introduction. It is via a publication on Reddit that an English-speaking user nicknamed “meatomato” reveals not one but two references to Skyrim. Obviously, for those who wish to discover them for themselves, we advise you not to read this end of the article.

Stray: What if our star cat of the moment was a fan of Skyrim?

For the others, the first reference is concealed in a dialogue with the Jenkins robot gardening in the surroundings of the Anthill. Talking to him, he will answer you: Some may call this junk. Me, I call them treasures “. (which could be translated as: Some may call it junk. Me, I call them treasures “). Skyrim fans will recognize this line and see it a nod to Belethor, the Breton merchant and owner of the Belethor grocery store in Whiterun.

One reference can hide another

Stray: What if our star cat of the moment was a fan of Skyrim?

A lapse of time later, still on Reddit, “meatomato” discovers a second reference to the game Skyrim. This time, go to the city center to find the robot Sojiro who confides with nostalgia: “ I used to own a bar. It was the coziest place around here. Until I took a screwdriver in the knee, and it’s closed now. » (« I owned a bar. It was the most comfortable place. Until I take a screwdriver in the knee, it’s closed now “).
Just replace the screwdriver with an arrow to find the Skyrim reference, a line uttered by an NPC guard that has become one of the most popular quotes in the game : “ I used to love adventure too. And then I took an arrow in the knee “.

YouTuber xGarbett also shared the same discovery on the web via this video.

While waiting for Stray to reveal its next secrets – the web notably evokes other references to Half Life or even to the film Back to the Future, but we won’t say more – the game is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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