Stray: with its video game, the publisher also wants to help cats in real life

Game News Stray: with its video game, the publisher also wants to help cats in real life

Like the ZEvent or the Speedons event, video games can also be the basis of several charity events. A new proof with the collaboration of Annapurna Interactive with associations around the protection of cats.


  • Collaborations with several associations
  • An initiative in the image… of its hero!

Collaborations with several associations

Available since yesterday, the Stray video game has been talked about in many ways. Besides the fact that it is developed by a French studio (BlueTwelve Studio), the title which makes players embody a cat is well received by the press with a score of 84/100 (16.8/20) on metacritic. In addition, it is also the various partnerships organized by the publisher Annapurna Interactive that make people talk about them. The latter gave digital copies of Stray for free to associations dedicated to the protection of cats such as Nebraska Humane Cats or Cats Protection:

These little cats are taught how to turn on a PlayStation so they can play Stray, the new cat adventure from BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive. Want to play with them? Donate $5 to the shelter and you’ll be entered into the draw to win a game code!

An initiative in the image… of its hero!

Something to try to make the community of players aware of the sometimes tragic fates of certain abandoned cats… especially since this is the case of the cat in this adventure! In Stray, the hero embodies a ginger cat who tries to find his way in a futuristic city filled with robots. To help him on his journey, our furry ball is accompanied by B-12: it’s a drone, hidden in the feline’s backpack, which can communicate with the inhabitants of the city and which will help our hero to return home.

On this subject, it is also the cat that served as a physical model for the hero of Stray who was abandoned: a wild cat wandering the streets of Montpellier, he was adopted by the co-founder of the BlueTwelve studio. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that he is not the only model to have been used for the title: two other felines were used to reconstruct the movements of the cat. The studio took inspiration from Oscar’s agility and Jin’s laziness to come up with a near-perfect cat in Stray.

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