Suffering from generalized cancer, the dog Lola was taken in by a family thanks to the “rescue” adoption

It had been 10 months since the dog Lola, 8, had been at the SPA La Louvière. His generalized cancer and his difficult behavior towards other dogs made his adoption difficult. But Vanessa, a Wauthier-Brainoise, decided to adopt the dying dog.

Lola is doomed. She may have it for 15 days, 1 month or 3 months, we don’t know. But this dog has the right to end his life in a proper place, somewhere other than in a cage.” said Vanessa. “I know she’s going to die and I’m sure I’ll be sad. But I would have done her good and that’s the side that comes first.”

rescue adoption

Some animal shelters attempt to facilitate this type of so-called “rescue” or “retirement basket” adoption. The SPA of La Louvière, for example, undertakes to cover the medical costs linked to the disease or the end of life of the animal.

“There are really incentives for the person to spend as little as possible on the pathology of the animal”explains Gaetan Sgualdino, president of the SPA of La Louvière. “Food, care or vaccine reminders are, for example, the responsibility of the person. On the other hand, treatments and medications related to the animal’s pathology are covered by the SPA of La Louvière”, he adds. For this, a specific pathology must have been identified at the time of adoption.

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