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“Sustegnu Ghjuventù”, a collective of lawyers created in Ajaccio

Faced with the violence that is currently raging on the island and particularly in Ajaccio, more than 20 lawyers from the bar of the Imperial City have decided to come to the aid of young people arrested or, if necessary, injured. This Thursday afternoon, they were seven to present “ Sustegnu Ghjuventu “, a collective created following the events of recent days. ” These are young people who carry the same political demands as oursrecalls Me Jean-François Casalta, iThey can be arrested at the end of the acts they may have committed. It is our duty to help them. »
The first objective of the newly created structure is to work in an emergency. From a simple number (06-29-32-82-03), people who wish to do so can contact one of the collective’s lawyers. ” He will be hereadds Me Casalta, to defend them gracefully is one of our priorities. Then, we will be able to set up bridges with other lawyers. But it is important to act quickly at first and without procedures. We want to be present in this particularly complex situation that Corsican society is going through. We have been in such a situation for forty years. We are very worried about these young people. She compromises her student career and jeopardizes her physical integrity. »
Second objective, the political nature of this approach. “ They are not common criminals, it is out of the question to defend them as such, insists Jean-François Casalta, hes must have a political defense. We do not condone violence, but, once again, we must question the conditions that have contributed to the resurgence of violence in recent days…”

Disproportionate answers
The collective is in place as of today. But it is not only intended for people who may be arrested. ” We will also help injured young people voluntarily underlines Me Antoine Vinier-Orsetti, who will evoke, photo in support, the serious injury suffered by a 14-year-old teenager suffered the day before yesterday on the Place du Diamant, she was the victim of a stun grenade, it’s a weapon, make no mistake. This kid didn’t ask for anything. Nothing justifies the use of such a weapon. The least we owe to this teenager is to know who did this and why… »
A feeling shared by Me Jean-Marc Lanfranchi. ” The answers given by the forces of order are totally disproportionate, he specifies, it is said that mobile guards must defend themselves, of course, and we can hear it, but with regard to the modern weapons used today, being CRS does not grant the license to kill… »
During the press conference, the attack on the Palais de Justice in Ajaccio last night will of course be mentioned. ” This building is also our “home “, argues Me Julia Tiberi, but it is difficult to dissociate this attack from the demonstrations, clashes and claims… This is where justice happens, but also injustice. It is a symbolic place that cannot be disconnected from events. We are lawyers, defenders… »


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