Cat euthanized after being maimed by a jaw trap

A cat was found mutilated by a jaw trap in Pézenas in Hérault (8/10/2022). Unfortunately, she had to be euthanized. A complaint has been filed and the 30 Million Friends Foundation is a civil party. Scary. The association “Les Chats libres de Pézenas” was contacted for a cat seen gruesomely mutilated in a city parking … Read more

The incredible outpouring of solidarity to find a cat that has been missing for 4 months

Nutty, a 13-year-old black cat, was found four months after his disappearance in Lagny-sur-Marne (77). The feline owes its salvation to a moving outpouring of solidarity and the unwavering determination of its master, Philippe. He shared his joy with ” I didn’t find her, we found her “. It is not without emotion that … Read more

The Lyon Bar Association asks Éric Dupond-Moretti to put an end to prison overcrowding

This is a motion that was recently adopted by the Council of the Bar Association of Lyon. Under the presidency of the Bâtonnière Marie-Josèphe Laurent, its members wished to question the Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti. Regretting that in France, 71,819 people are detained while prison establishments have only 60,719 places combined, the motion asks … Read more

A grand prix dog race in Villeurbanne!

Animations, music and… a dog race. Here is the program announced by the municipality of Villeurbanne for this colorful weekend. Behind this project, an artist: Jean-Luc Courcoult, also author and director for the company Royal de Luxe. The latter has carte blanche, as part of the French Capital of Culture label, awarded to Villeurbanne this … Read more

Rapper Timal films himself hitting his dog, the 30 Million Friends Foundation files a complaint

The rapper from Champs-sur-Marne (77) posted a video on Snapchat showing him kicking his dog (8/30/2022). The 30 Million Friends Foundation immediately filed a complaint for mistreatment and asked for the animal to be brought to safety. The bad buzz is total. Rapper Timal, who notably collaborated with Booba, staged himself punishing his dog with … Read more

Moving! A stray dog ​​invites himself to their wedding, the couple adopt him

A stray dog ​​broke into the church at Tamiris and Douglas’ wedding in Vila Velha, Brazil. Moved by this sign of fate, the two newlyweds decided to adopt it. has found the couple who still cannot recover from this surreal meeting. They said yes! Tamiris and Douglas, a Brazilian couple, have decided to adopt … Read more

he is assaulted with a shard for a dog story

A bottle attack occurred last Friday. The facts took place last Friday night, rue Saint Mathieu in Meyzieu. A 23-year-old young man was then joining other individuals when an altercation broke out. He was hit in the neck with a bottle shard. Hospitalized, he obtained 10 days of ITT without his vital prognosis being engaged. … Read more

Suspended prison sentence and ban on keeping animals for accumulating more than a hundred cats in her home

A woman was given a 6-month suspended prison sentence and a permanent ban on keeping animals. She had hoarded more than a hundred animals in her home, disregarding their welfare. The felines had been saved by the 30 Million Friends Foundation. It is one of the most spectacular post-Covid rescues. At the beginning of May … Read more

Emergency call for adoption for this cadaverous dog (31)

Guizmo, a cachectic Beauceron, had been on his own for almost two months. If he was taken care of in a partner refuge in St-Gaudens (31), he unfortunately suffers from an inoperable tumour. The 30 Million Friends Foundation is launching an emergency call for adoption to allow him to end his days, surrounded by care … Read more

locked in unsanitary housing, birds and cats saved by the SPA

Four cats and seven birds were taken care of by the SPA in a “poor general condition“, after an intervention in a house in the east of Lyon. The SPA appealed to the national police and the municipal police to “rescue several animals held in poor conditions“.”Due to the advanced state of unsanitary conditions of … Read more