Is a pond fish a pet? Our article on the reform of pet shops has generated a lot of reactions…

Published on 06/19 at 4:21 p.m. By Pierre Nizet Our article this Saturday devoted to animal welfare in Wallonia and the reform of pet shops has generated a lot of reactions. Not very positive… ** * *********** ********** ********** ************** ** ********** ** ******* *** ******* ********** *********** * * ****** ** ********** ******** ***** … Read more

Dog owners furious with environmentalists

Hen or rooster? This is often what we hear when we get a spikelet. In Lyon, we rather ask ourselves: cat or dog? Activists from the BICALY collective denounce the proliferation of spikelets, which are very harmful to urban animals, due to the city’s ecological policy. The City of Lyon and the Metropolis, in accordance … Read more

he steals a lawyer’s wallet and uses her bank card

The facts date back to last April. On the 26th of the month, a man went to a lawyer’s office located rue Juliette-Récamier, in the 6th arrondissement of Lyon. He took advantage of a moment of inattention from the latter to steal his wallet which contained several bank cards. Subsequently, the suspect was able to … Read more

the couple accused of having already hidden around thirty remains near Lyon in 2020

The couple, accused of having concealed 62 corpses of cats in a freezer or in flowerpots in the Loire, acted in recidivism. According to Le Progrès, the SPA of Lyon had discovered in March 2020 around thirty corpses of cats and the remains of a dog, in the freezer of a house in Villette-d’Anthon, in … Read more

a memorial for the billions of animals killed erected in Old Lyon

This Sunday, for the first time Lyon will host the NARD, National Animal Rights Day. This annual day commemorates “the billions of animals that have been abused and killed during the year by humans, in factory farms, slaughterhouses, fur farms, laboratories, hunting grounds, circuses, zoos, rodeos, etc.” From 2 p.m., in front of the Saint-Jean … Read more

he steals a spare key and robs the restaurant

The first facts date back to April 4. During the day on Monday, a young man entered a restaurant located rue Henri-IV in the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon to steal a duplicate key. In the evening, once the establishment closed, he returned to steal the entire contents of the cash register. He also took care … Read more

Operation Doyens: Jules, a “teen” with the face of an angel

Rescued by the refuge of Gerbey (38) when his master could no longer take care of him, Jules very quickly joined Marie and Loïc, who fell under the spell of this incredible dean. The 13-year-old Golden Retriever, adopted thanks to the 30 Million Friends Foundation, even experienced the arrival of his mistress’s baby. ” He … Read more

L214 distributes “Mystery Burgers” in front of the Burger King in Lyon Confluence

In front of the Burger King restaurant, located on the Cours Charlemagne in Confluence, L214 organized its version of the emblematic Burger Mystery operation this Saturday by distributing “Burgers Vérité”. Five boxes for five truths about the conditions in which Burger King chickens are raised. Burger King’s Mystery Burger operation usually allows customers to discover … Read more

A wallaby lost in the Rhône

A motorist had a funny encounter overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday around 1 a.m. On the road to Sain-Bel, in Saint-Pierre-la-Palud, he found himself face to face with a wallaby. It’s no longer worth going to the other side of the world to come across a wallaby in the wild… In the Rhône too, it’s … Read more

Defenestrated and amputated, this cat is doing better despite the handicap

Rita, a 5-year-old cat, was thrown from a window in Boulogne-sur-Mer (62). Having had one of her hind legs amputated and under surveillance for more than a month, she survived with her after-effects. A complaint has been filed and the 30 Million Friends Foundation has instituted civil proceedings. The terrible scene takes place in January … Read more