Turmeric and its adverse effects in the sights of ANSES

The National Agency for Food, Environment and Labor Safety publishes a press release mentioning adverse effects related to the consumption of turmeric-based food supplements. Among them, it is those whose formulation increases the bioavailability of curcmine that would be in the sights of the agency. You may also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Turmeric: the different … Read more

ANSES warns against the consumption of turmeric-based food supplements

In a report released Monday, June 27, the health authority points out that the spice can be toxic, especially to the liver, if consumed in high doses. Turmeric is an ancestral spice taken from the plant of the same name. Its enthusiasts attribute a wide range of virtues to it, far from always being confirmed … Read more

What should you eat to protect your thyroid?

Food has an influence on the proper functioning of the thyroid, which needs certain nutrients to function well. The power supply therefore impacts its operation. The thyroid is a small gland that produces hormones. These hormones control metabolism and play a role in many body functions, such as heart rate, hunger, body temperature, fertility and … Read more

The unsuspected benefits of beets and their juice

Messy, overly earthy flavor… If a certain bad reputation precedes beets, this root vegetable deserves its place in a meal from a healthy point of view. Details with two specialists. Beets on the plate? On the menu of our summer salads, we often prefer its cousin, the carrot. Why such dislike? The fault, perhaps, with … Read more

How to lose weight without going through the diet box

Losing weight without dieting starts with shopping. And one of the tricks is to not do not go shopping on an empty stomach because hunger makes impulsive. We tend to buy more products and make bad choices. Studies have shown that we are more inclined towards higher calorie foods. In short, you are more likely … Read more

Toblerone chocolate will no longer be produced exclusively in Switzerland

AFP, published on Friday, June 24, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. Toblerone chocolate, whose triangular bars recall the peaks of the Alps, will no longer be produced exclusively in Switzerland from 2023, which will force it to remove the mention “Switzerland” from its packaging. Toblerone intends to open a production line in Slovakia at the end … Read more

Are kefirs and yogurts superfoods?

MAINTENANCE – Fermented milks are known to be good for intestinal health. What is it really? The answers of researcher Christophe Lavelle. Coming from the Caucasus, kefir is extolled by some nutritionists. Aggregate of living micro-organisms, bacteria and yeasts, it comes in the form of grains intended to seed milk or fruit juice: this produces … Read more

what diet when quitting smoking?

You have decided to quit smoking but like many smokers, the fear of relapsing overwhelms you. Did you know that your diet can play a role in minimizing the effects of quitting smokingespecially on the weight? According to Passeport Santé, a diet should be adopted immediately after quitting smoking. This must be high in fiber, … Read more

lifting of containment measures in Vendée due to the heat

AFP, published on Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 9:59 p.m. Containment measures for poultry following the avian flu epizootic were lifted on Wednesday in Vendée due to the heat wave, the prefecture announced. “In order to guarantee the well-being of poultry at a time when a major heat wave affects the department, the containment measures … Read more