forty countries in search of “solutions” at a conference in Berlin

This conference entitled “Unite for global food security” is held before the G7 leaders’ summit, organized in Bavaria from Sunday. Ministers from 40 countries will try on Friday to find, at a conference in Berlin, “solutions» practical solutions to the food crisis caused by the war in Ukraine Read alsoWar in Ukraine: Europeans forced to … Read more

Carrefour recalls strawberry jams for a risk of presence of foreign body

The affected product, which is subject to a national recall, was marketed between May 2 and June 20, 2022. After the recent controversies linked to the successive recalls of food products, it is the turn of the strawberry jam of the Carrefour brand to undergo a recall, on a national scale. This jam, sold per … Read more

Drop everything to run a bar in the countryside in Occitania, Angélique’s bet

Angelique and Anthony pose in front of their bar, happy. Photo taken by a relative PORTRAIT- An adventure attempted with the association 1000 cafés, which helps the town halls of municipalities with less than 3,500 inhabitants, such as in Murat where Angélique took over with her family the Antre Pots. “Murat, it was almost the … Read more

the ceiling soon lowered from 38 to 29 euros?

It had been doubled in June 2020, from 19 to 38 euros, to support restaurateurs affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. For the past two years, the spending limit for meal vouchers has been doubled, from 19 to 38 euros per day. A measure initially put in place to support restaurateurs in the face of Covid-19. … Read more

Why food trucks have never succeeded in conquering city centers

Appearing in the early 2010s in France, “mobile canteens” have had to face various economic and political obstacles which have limited their establishment in cities. Eating a foreign speciality, a hot dog or a poke bowl straight out of the kitchen of a truck is it finally possible in the city centers? At the heart … Read more

Why organic products no longer work

DECRYPTION – In mass distribution, which has helped to democratize organic, sales fell by 3.9% in 2021. Specialty stores are not spared. Trees don’t soar to the sky…even when they’re organic. For years, distributors have supported the extraordinary growth of organic in France. The sector was accustomed to records and double-digit growth. Today, the same … Read more

McCain fries take over homes

The Canadian frozen potato giant generates 70% of its turnover in restaurants. It now intends to impose itself in homes with aperitif and specific ranges. With the Covid, the Canadian potato giant McCain experienced an unprecedented crisis: the restaurants, which had to close, represent 70% of its turnover. Since then, the family group of around … Read more

discover the list of products whose composition has been modified

FOCUS- The DGCCRF has granted more than 2,900 exemptions allowing manufacturers to modify the composition of their product without modifying the packaging. Find all the products concerned. Your favorite cod brandade has tasted different for a few weeks and you were wondering if the recipe had changed? You have a fine palate, since it is … Read more

investigation into Nestlé health failures

INVESTIGATION – Renowned for its rigor, the Swiss giant is overtaken by a local health drift. His discretion is frowned upon. While Ferrero’s France boss made his mea culpa on Friday after the scandal of Kinder eggs contaminated with salmonella, nothing like it for Nestlé. Under the spotlight for more than two months because of … Read more

Burger King is bringing La Vie’s plant-based bacon into its burgers

Exclusive for six months in France, this agreement could make small in other Burger King in Europe. Three years after its creation, La Vie will now make burger lovers in France salivate as much as investors. After teasing Burger King on social media for a week, the French start-up convinced the fast-food king to put … Read more