husband’s lawyers demand his release under electronic bracelet

A feasibility study is underway to determine if Cédric Jubillar could come out of isolation. After 15 months in pre-trial detention, Cédric Jubillar, the husband of Delphine Jubillar, a young Tarn nurse who disappeared on December 15, 2020, could be released under an electronic bracelet, indicated to the Figaro one of the detainee’s lawyers, confirming … Read more

the Villemin parents “never let go” says their lawyer on RTL

38 years ago, the tragic story of little Grégory Villemin moved the whole of France. Black curls, chubby cheeks and an innocent smile, this infamous face has haunted several generations of French people. On October 16, 1984, the lifeless body of the child was found, bound hand and foot, in the freezing water near the … Read more

“A boy without a story”, says Archibald Celeyron, the lawyer for suspect number 1

One crime can sometimes hide another… In 2020, Karina’s lifeless body is found, burned and left in lost Guyana, near the small Tibourou cove. A crime that strangely recalls that of Camila, who died in 2006 in the same conditions. From these two cases emerges one man: Sylvain Kereneur. For months, investigators will revolve around … Read more

Timba, a 4-month-old puppy missing on the island: his owners offer 500 euros in reward

Timba is a little puppy who has been missing since Wednesday, September 7 in the town of Saint-Benoît, more precisely in Chemin Bethléem. Timba is a 4 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy and he hasn’t finished all his vaccinations yet. Its owners offer 500 euros for the person or persons who can find … Read more

A grand prix dog race in Villeurbanne!

Animations, music and… a dog race. Here is the program announced by the municipality of Villeurbanne for this colorful weekend. Behind this project, an artist: Jean-Luc Courcoult, also author and director for the company Royal de Luxe. The latter has carte blanche, as part of the French Capital of Culture label, awarded to Villeurbanne this … Read more

Alexeï Navalny says he is prohibited from private exchanges with his lawyers

Imprisoned Russian opponent Alexei Navalny, Vladimir Putin’s main critic, said he was deprived of confidential conversations with his lawyers, which could make it increasingly difficult for him to communicate with the outside world. In a message posted Thursday, September 8 on Twitter, the 46-year-old anti-corruption activist said he was summoned by the management of his … Read more

Lucas, 12, was attacked by a dog: “I saw it very badly because I could no longer play football”, he laments

In Sainte-Marie, this Sunday, September 4, Lucas, 12, was attacked by a domestic dog. Touched on the inside of the thigh and in the private parts, the young boy underwent an operation of several hours. The dog’s owner fled at the time. His family intends to press charges. Recall of facts On Sunday afternoon, while … Read more

Ste-Marie: a category 1 staff dog attacks a 12-year-old child in the private parts and thigh, the victim hospitalized

This Sunday, September 4 in Sainte-Marie, 12-year-old Lucas was attacked by a category 1 staff dog. He was seriously bitten in the thigh and in the private parts. He was hospitalized and operated on at the Saint-Denis University Hospital. Lucas 12 years old attacked by a category 1 staff dog The facts took place this … Read more

Egypt frees a four-year preventive lawyer for a post on “yellow vests”

Exceptional justice in Egypt on Monday July 25 ordered the release of lawyer Mohammed Ramadan, who has been in pre-trial detention for almost four years for having said that he was in solidarity with the French social movement of “yellow vests“says a human rights NGO. Mohammed Ramadan, 43, was arrested in September 2018 for posting … Read more