lucrative litigation for lawyers

A migrant and his lawyer in front of the National Court for the Right of Asylum, in Montreuil. The CNDA has become the first administrative court in France. Marc CHAUMEIL/Divergence LE FIGARO INFO – The cost of legal aid, paid to specialized firms that plead at the CNDA, exceeded 21 million euros last year. “If … Read more

Legal assistance dogs for children

During the hearing, the dog lies down next to the child, puts his head on his knees, and can stick more or less strongly against him. 305686829/VLRS – They are trained to accompany and calm minors questioned by investigators. Six are currently employed in France. At the Saint-Lô hospital, in the Manche department, the … Read more

Éric Dupond-Moretti strengthens the professional secrecy of the lawyer

After a legislative epic and a lot of turmoil within the profession, the Keeper of the Seals tabled a final amendment to put an end to the debate. Saved in spite of themselves. In extremis, the Keeper of the Seals Éric Dupond-Moretti reviewed and corrected article 3 of the Law of Confidence in Justice which … Read more

Manapany green gecko: an endemic species to be protected

Being able to measure up to 13 centimeters, the Manapany gecko is recognizable thanks to its green color and its red lines on the head. Despite its cute side, the animal could disappear in the next few years. Diurnal and arboreal, the Manapany gecko lives in the trees and more particularly in the vacoas that … Read more

Resto La Kour: gastronomy invites itself into the neighborhoods with 4 Reunionese chefs

In June, four renowned chefs from Reunion will set up pop-up gourmet restaurants in the heart of priority neighborhoods on the island. A moment of sharing around the zarlor that the péi cuisine represents, with a note of awareness of balanced food and a pinch of training to encourage vocations. During June, several ephemeral restaurants … Read more

Animal wandering: “I lost nearly €25,000, but it touches the heart more than the wallet”, explains Serge, a breeder

New attack of stray dogs in Reunion, horses were killed in the heights of Sainte-Rose. Farms are regularly the target of these attacks. 4 years ago, there were an estimated 73,000 stray dogs in public spaces in Reunion. A dog attack is once again in the news. Serge’s horses, breeders in the heights of Sainte-Rose, … Read more

“Defending the professional secrecy of lawyers is not a matter of simple corporatism”

FIGAROVOX/MAINTENANCE – The Senate adopted Thursday, November 18 the bill for confidence in the judicial institution. This text aroused the anger of the black robes who fear a decline in professional secrecy, when they thought they were supported by a former lawyer, Minister of Justice, explains the lawyer and former judge. Hervé Lehman is a … Read more

News from 5 a.m. – Saint-Étienne-Auxerre: what we know about the overflows in Geoffroy-Guichard

After the chaos at the Stade de France on Saturday evening, new incidents have marred a football match in France. This Sunday evening, at the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium in Saint-Etienne, just following the victory of AJ Auxerre, which condemns the Greens to Ligue 2, hundreds of supporters invaded the pitch. On the lawn, they threw dozens … Read more

The restaurant tickets will be replaced by the name card!

Many people have restaurant vouchers for 6, 7 or 8 euros in their wallet. This payment voucher, invented in 1962, is increasingly dematerialized by replacing the paper version with a name card of the same type as a bank card. If the card is more practical and more ecological, the new formula is not always … Read more

request for suspension of the sentence of his lawyers for “vital prognosis engaged”

Since his assault, Yvan Colonna has been in a coma, between life and death. Given his condition and relying on a law provided for this purpose, his lawyers are asking that his sentence be suspended. Yvan Colonna’s lawyers are going to file a request for the suspension of his sentence, for “vital prognosis involved“, after … Read more