Alexander Zverev angry at ATP and Madrid Masters 1000 schedule

“The ATP job has been an absolute disgrace this week. Two days ago I went to bed at 4 or 4:30 in the morning. Yesterday (Saturday), at 5:20 a.m. I’m mad. I had no chance to be myself today (Sunday), no chance of playing at my level. When you go to bed at 4 a.m. … Read more

Organic food: production is increasing… but the French consume less of it

Organic food no longer has the wind in its sails. The figures for last year attest to this: sales of organic fruit and vegetables fell by 11%. So, for some farmers who had made this choice, it’s a cold shower. Thus, in the Normandy bocages, Yves Sauvaget raises his 80 dairy cows. In 2010, after … Read more

Avian flu: duck is rare on the restaurant menu (even in Toulouse)

Since the start of the new avian flu epizootic in November, 16 million poultry have been slaughtered in France, said Monday, May 2, the Ministry of Agriculture. Consequence: the duck is running out in restaurants, and in particular in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne), where the 13H of TF1 goes in the report at the top of this … Read more

The character of your dog determined by its breed? A study goes against the grain of clichés

It’s well known that Chihuahuas are aggressive, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers aggressive, while Labradors are affectionate. Except no. While many character traits can be inherited, race only partially predicts most behaviors. “Genetics play a role in the personality of any individual dog, but breed does not predict these traits effectively”says researcher Elinor Karlsson, co-author of … Read more

Used frying oil: serial thefts from restaurants

Is sunflower oil the new yellow gold? Due to the war in Ukraine, prices have soared in Europe and especially in France, and some supermarket shelves remain empty. Supply difficulties that make this commodity a prime target for burglars. In recent weeks, restaurateurs, who consume tens of liters a day, have been victims of serial … Read more

Russian teams banned from European Cups next year

UEFA decided to strike hard against Russia. This Monday, the European Football Confederation announced several measures against its selections and its clubs. First of all, no Russian team will participate in the European Cups next season. This sanction includes the Champions League, the Europa League, the Europa League Conference but also the Women’s Champions League … Read more

Jorge Sampaoli believes OM injured by arbitration against OL

“Do you think you were wronged by the refereeing?Yes because before this error, we were present, I think we had control but this situation has changed everything and we cannot go back on it. It bothers me because we were better than them before the Lyon goal which changed everything. We then tried to come … Read more

“I can’t forget his cries, his screams”

Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at 7:39 p.m. By Mail Picard The scene was caught on a man’s home security camera. While he was walking down his street, his little Maltese was violently attacked and seriously injured by two dogs from a neighboring house. He succumbed to his injuries a few seconds later. Gaëtan … Read more

“We are forced to pass on the increases”: restaurateurs caught by the throat

You now have to pay a little more to enjoy a beef rib steak or simply choose the dish of the day at your favorite restaurant. In question, the prices of cereals and energy which continue to climb following the Russian invasion of Ukraine last February. As a result, the price of beef exploded. Thus, … Read more

Johnny Depp trial: Amber Heard’s mental health attacked by lawyers

After Shannen Curry’s hearing, the specialized site Deadline was contacted by her colleague Jessica Taylor, a psychologist who was rather dubious about her colleague’s expertise, which she judged “predictable and lazy“. According to her, borderline personality disorder is “deliberately used as a weapon against Amber Heard, as is often the case against many women who … Read more