who was this famous lawyer who ended his life on his island?

Between Olivier Metzner and Alexandre Despallières, can we speak of a love story? In love, it takes two. In this story, Olivier Metzner is alone. But he doesn’t know it yet. At that time, Olivier Metzner was everywhere, but loved by no one, and he did nothing to be so. Because it’s true, he is … Read more

why the suicide of the famous lawyer remains mysterious

On Sunday March 17, 2013, around 10 a.m., the lifeless body of Olivier Metzner was found near Boëdic, an island in the Gulf of Morbihan. The autopsy confirms that the famous Parisian lawyer committed suicide. There was “no intervention by a third party,” said Vannes prosecutor Thierry Phelippeau. In addition, a letter evoking his desire … Read more

Mathias Pogba “contests any participation in the acts of kidnapping and extortion” reacts his lawyer

A few hours after Mathias Pogba was placed in police custody, his lawyer, Me Yassine Bouzrou, reacted to M6 and RTL. “Mathias Pogba reported to the police today to be heard“, he explained. “He strongly denies any participation in the acts of kidnapping and extortion with a weapon of which his brother Paul Pogba would … Read more

the Villemin parents “never let go” says their lawyer on RTL

38 years ago, the tragic story of little Grégory Villemin moved the whole of France. Black curls, chubby cheeks and an innocent smile, this infamous face has haunted several generations of French people. On October 16, 1984, the lifeless body of the child was found, bound hand and foot, in the freezing water near the … Read more

“A boy without a story”, says Archibald Celeyron, the lawyer for suspect number 1

One crime can sometimes hide another… In 2020, Karina’s lifeless body is found, burned and left in lost Guyana, near the small Tibourou cove. A crime that strangely recalls that of Camila, who died in 2006 in the same conditions. From these two cases emerges one man: Sylvain Kereneur. For months, investigators will revolve around … Read more

GUEST RTL – Trial of the Nice attack: the victims “apprehend this meeting”, says master Fabien Rajon

It was already six years ago. The attack on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice took place on a national holiday evening, July 14, 2016, for 4 minutes and 17 seconds of horror. A jihadist terrorist broke 86 people driving a truck. The images are still in everyone’s memory as the trial opens on Monday, … Read more

how the victim’s son bonded with his lawyer

“It’s a ball of hate”, remembers Me Jean-Michel Sieklucki when he received Cyril Gendron for the first time in his office. For good reason, Cyril Gendron is experiencing a difficult loss, that of his mother, Françoise. In December 1988, she was killed, then dismembered for several days, by Sylvie Reviriego, who until then had been … Read more

6 p.m. news – Benjamin Mendy trial: the second complainant testifies to the three rapes she allegedly suffered

In England, the trial of Benjamin Mendy, accused of eight rapes, an attempted rape and a sexual assault, continues. This Thursday, August 18, one of these complainants appeared at the bar. After the young woman’s pre-recorded video testimony was broadcast in the courtroom, the defense lawyer questioned her in court, while she was hidden behind … Read more

A mastiff killed by a neighbor after attacking 4 women in an apartment in Essonne

In Essonne, a resident killed last Sunday, August 14, an attack dog who was attacking four young women in a neighboring apartment according to a police source. The facts occurred in the afternoon around 3 p.m. In a building in Grigny, the man heard “cries of distress” coming from a neighboring apartment, indicates our colleagues … Read more