A seriously injured woman and a chihuahua killed by a mastiff in Beauvais

The victim was operated on at the Isle-Adam hospital while the owner of the animal was interviewed at the Beauvais police station. The dog was entrusted to the services of the SPA. Weighing around fifty kilos, the cane corso attacked a chihuahua and a 44-year-old woman. – Drawing By Yoann Roche Journalist at L’Aisne Nouvelle … Read more

Hamois: Miguel and his wife are attacked by three stray dogs

By FM | Published on 1/07/2022 at 11:58 On Tuesday, Miguel and his wife were attacked by three stray dogs in the village of Mohiville. Backing away from the dogs, Miguel’s wife was bitten bloodily. She decided to file a complaint against the owner. ****** *** ********* ** ** ******* ****** ** ** ***** ** … Read more

ANSES warns against the consumption of turmeric-based food supplements

In a report released Monday, June 27, the health authority points out that the spice can be toxic, especially to the liver, if consumed in high doses. Turmeric is an ancestral spice taken from the plant of the same name. Its enthusiasts attribute a wide range of virtues to it, far from always being confirmed … Read more

The unsuspected benefits of beets and their juice

Messy, overly earthy flavor… If a certain bad reputation precedes beets, this root vegetable deserves its place in a meal from a healthy point of view. Details with two specialists. Beets on the plate? On the menu of our summer salads, we often prefer its cousin, the carrot. Why such dislike? The fault, perhaps, with … Read more

A woman forced to put up a sign in front of her house to reassure passers-by about the habits of her… dog: “We know!” (Photo)

Published on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at 3:01 p.m. A woman is forced to put up a sign outside her house explaining why her dog Huckleberry, a golden retriever, is still on the roof. Passers-by are surprised, sometimes worried, often amused to see a dog wandering on the roof of a house in Texas. But … Read more

ten dogs locked in a van rescued by a young woman

Posted on 06/17/2022 at 11:47 Tuesday June 14, 2022, in Coutances (Manche), a young woman discovers ten dogs locked in a van in full sun. Among them, a little York missing for eight months. She discovered ten dogs locked in a van in full sun – Illustration Photo Pixabay A dramatic story. A ten dogs … Read more

To have a healthy brain, here is the diet to follow

By Clemence Dubrana Published yesterday at 5:25 p.m., Update yesterday at 6:41 p.m. The Mediterranean diet is a varied, diverse diet that changes with the seasons. Getty Images OUR ADVICES – One of the keys to protecting our brain lies in our plates. A neuroscientist tells us how to compose our menus. Having a healthy … Read more

more than half of French women have suffered from dietary imbalances

Deprivation, calorie counting, guilt after a meal… An Ipsos-Qare survey, published Thursday, June 2, is alarmed by this very common dietary control among women. Evaluating the nutritional composition of each food, counting the calories ingested, feeling guilty before, during or after a hearty meal… These control behaviors tend to become commonplace, among women in particular. … Read more

Le Martinez, the Pavyllon, the Grand-Hôtel… 5 magical addresses in Cannes and beyond

Magical addresses in Cannes and unforgettable stopovers around the city-cinema… Our official selection. Two mythical stopovers The Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat The decor : Located at the tip of the Cap Ferrat peninsula, in the middle of a 7-hectare park overlooking the sea, this establishment, inaugurated in 1908, wearing the colors of Four Seasons, has … Read more