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Terrified Of Man, Dog Made Her Body As Small As Possible To Avoid Being Found

Eldad, an experienced rescuer from Hope For Paws, saw many frightened dogs. Whether these strays started on the streets or were abandoned by unscrupulous owners, they have their own story to tell. And some of those stories are pretty heartbreaking.

A dog, who had been on the street for a while, needed a break. She was dirty and underweight. When she strayed onto a woman’s porch, she quickly called Hope For Paws and begged them to come. The dog needed to be rescued, fast!

female dog
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Eldad arrived and saw that the dog was terrified. She was so scared, in fact, that she didn’t move…for hours! Indeed, she stayed in one place, according to the woman, and refused to move. Eldad didn’t want to traumatize her further, so it would be a complicated rescue. So she went to get her lucky leash and a humane trap.

A female dog made her body as small as possible

It was obvious that Eldad couldn’t get close enough to the dog to use the magic leash. She had to weave the trap through the bars of the porch and try to get it around her neck. Although the experienced rescuer was careful, she couldn’t catch him. The dog, too frightened, started running towards the corner of the building.

She then stuck against the wall and made herself as small as possible. She felt trapped and confused. She didn’t want to be captured, but this rescue was necessary for her own well-being. If only Eldad could explain this to him. She then spoke calmly approaching the dog. She tried to tell him that everything would be fine.

female dog
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The frightened dog was not convinced. She refused to make eye contact. She pushed her little head further into the corner, desperately trying to disappear. But Eldad was not going to give up on her. This precious dog was in dire need of help, a good meal, a medical evaluation and finally a new home.

She tried one last thing. The dog hated every moment of her rescue. But in the end, it’s all worth it in the long run. Because not only is the dog saved, but something amazing happened next.

the female dog, later named Kenzie, finally gets everything she deserves. We are incredibly grateful to Eldad and Hope For Paws. Rescue groups never give up and thanks to them so many animals are now in great shape.

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Don’t forget to support local shelters and rescue groups, because without them the animals could not survive.

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