Thanks to a heroic reflex, a woman saves a dog that jumped out of the window of a house (video)

A video posted on the community website Reddit on May 8, 2022 quickly went viral. And for good reason, the images show the impressive moment when a woman narrowly grabs her dog, after she jumped out of the window of the house.

Our beloved furballs are sometimes victims of accidents during their life, some of which turn out to be very serious. The video posted last Sunday on Reddit by the user u/pakooa, does not represent a collision with a car or a fall into a ravine. No, this time it’s about a dog jumping out of the window of her home.

In the clip, relayed by Newsweek, Internet users see an English woman standing in front of the front door, in the company of a delivery man. A few seconds after the start of their conversation, 3 little words quickly come out of the woman’s mouth: ” Oh my God ! » (« Oh my God ! ” in French).

@terrywiddows? original sound – Terry Widdows

Several million views in a few days

The woman, panicked, had an excellent reflex. She managed to catch her pet before it hit the ground. To check for any injuries, the canine was immediately examined by its owner.

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Fortunately, there was more fear than harm. ” My dog ​​is doing great and had nothing more than a sore paw for a few hours “said the heroine. The latter went on to say that her furry friend had never performed such a somersault. She blamed the unexpected behavior on the COVID-19 pandemic. ” She’s always been an independent female dog but I guess she’s gotten clingy since the pandemic and still wants to be by my side “, she explained.

Since it was uploaded, the video has been widely shared on social media. It notably ended up on TikTok, where it has been viewed 4 million times to date.

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