Thanks to Burger King, Marc du Flambeau now knows vegetarian burgers

A good flame-grilled burger before starting Le Flambeau.

It’s been a good week for Burger King. After signing a confusing campaign and then poking fun at itself, the fast-food chain has just unveiled its new spot with the actor and co-director of The flame, Jonathan Cohen. Moreover, season 2 – entitled Le Flambeau – is scheduled for May 23 on Canal +, this time it will parody the show Koh-Lanta.

But before starting this new adventure – which promises to be the most incredible, Marc du Flambeau wanted to take a short trip to the drive from BK. It is not on the island of Chupacabra that he will be able to enjoy good flame-grilled burgers. When he goes to the terminal to order a Whopper (surprising?), the cashier gives him an incredible revelation. No, “Maaaaaaarc” did not just discover the existence of the FlexiWhopper, but of the vegetarian Whopper.

This is not the first time that a brand has called on the talents – and humor – of the actor. Recently, Leboncoin came up with a series of seven spots, all narrated by JoCo himself (a voice that hasn’t left Grandma on the sidelines). In a completely different atmosphere, Porsche made him test his electric Taycan (the exceptional driver was not available, so they took him). With two birds with one stone, Leboncoin, Porsche and Burger King all manage to combine humor and demonstration of products through short spots that work.

This time, Buzzman orchestrated part of the campaign, but not from A to Z. This spot was designed by Jonathan Cohen – him again – as well as the CANAL+ Brand Solutions teams and the media agency KR Wavemaker. The system will be supplemented by digital (myCANAL, Dailymotion, Youtube) and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Tik Tok) activation.


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