The 10 products on the shelves that have increased the most in one year

In the space of a few months, the prices of many food products have risen drastically. Here are the 10 products that have increased the most on the shelves of our supermarkets.

Purchasing power is the subject that worries the French the most. In recent months, consumer prices have continued to rise with inflation which stood at 4.8% over one year in April, according to provisional data from INSEE. A rise in inflation which would be due to an acceleration in the prices of services, food and manufactured goods.

While the price increase for food is lower than for energy, with an increase of 3.8% between April 2021 and April 2022, many food products have seen their prices increase considerably in the space of a year. A general increase which obliges the French to pay attention to their food budget, the second most important in their expenses after the budget dedicated to housing.

Pasta tops the list of products that have grown the most

A report by the Research and Innovation Institute (Iri), which calculates the inflation of consumer products in supermarkets each month, ranks the top 10 categories of products whose prices have undergone the largest increase in April 2022 compared to April 2021.

  1. Pasta : + 15.31%

  2. Frozen meats : + 11.34%

  3. Flours : + 10.93%

  4. Oils : +9.98%

  5. Mustards : + 9.26%

  6. Roasted coffees : + 8.16%

  7. Dried fruits : + 8.16%

  8. Ground meat : + 7.91%

  9. Pasta-based dishes : +7.67%

  10. Semolina and cereals : +7.47%

Bad news, this price increase should intensify again in the coming months. “With the reopening of negotiations on certain products in the coming weeks, inflation could reach +5% at the start of the summer in supermarkets, a level not seen since 2008”, announces the business director. Insight by Iri Emily Mayer to Libre Service Actualités (LSA), the professional magazine devoted to news and analysis of trade trends. Moreover, the war in Ukraine raises fears of a further rise in prices in the months to come.

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