The 3 things we can’t wait to do in Stray, the game where we play as a cat

Prepare to make your PlayStation console or PC purr, the game stray arrives July 19, 2022, and it’s ready to melt you down with a hero like no other. The game will take us to a futuristic city to embody an adorable little feline.

Between the many action and horror games presented during the State of Play on June 3, 2022, we were treated to a new trailer of strayan adventure and platform game that will allow us to embody a… cat.

stray is a futuristic adventure game, platforms and exploration, where the player or the player will embody a stray cat who must find his way in a world populated by robots. Reminds you of something?

You can therefore take control of an adorable little feline to try to bring him home, safe and sound. As you explore this cyberpunk world, you will regularly come across riddles to solve and other puzzles. It will be necessary to observe the decorations well to find solutions and objects allowing progress. A small robot called B-12 will notably follow the tomcat throughout the adventure and allow it to communicate with other robots found in the game.

In view of this first trailer, there are already 3 things we can’t wait to do in the skin of this little tomcat.

Walk proudly through Cyberpunk settings

What changes in this game is that you are not a human, or an elf, or an orc, or even a god. You play as a real cat, who walks like a cat, with a phlegmatic and mysterious cat look.

This one will evolve in a strange world with cyberpunk aesthetics. It’s a scary world for a little beast — our feline roams abandoned subways, sewers, and through old construction sites, while dodging attacks from creatures that look like robotic rats. Humans are rare, as the characters in the game seem to be mostly robots.

Stray will stop at nothing to find his masters // Source: YouTube

Help other characters

As the protagonist, the cat will have to interact and help many robots. The little cat will also have to use advanced technologies to explore and survive in this futuristic city thanks to the B-12 mini-drone.

Stray could help people thanks to the B-12 robot // Source: YouTube

Doing Cat Stuff

Cats are very intelligent, cute and skillful felines. If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to sneak under a car, to walk on the roofs of a city with people who can’t hear you, know that all this will be possible thanks to stray. You can even meow to get robots’ attention, run to flee, or hide in very unlikely places.

Stray walking on the rooftops of the city // Source: YouTube

The game stray from BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive will be released on July 19, 2022 on PS5, PS4 and PC. Small bonus: it will be accessible day-one (the 19th at midnight) for members of the new PlayStation Plus.

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