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The adorable reaction of a “scary” dog who was given a little sister (video)

Harvey needed company and especially a congener to play with, he whom other dog owners preferred to avoid because he scared them. Yet this dog is anything but terrifying. He is even full of tenderness, as evidenced by the attitude he displays with his new friend.

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3-year-old Belgian Malinois / German Shepherd cross, Harvey had trouble making friends with other dogs. Owners of these find it “ scary and prefer not to let their pets play with him, reported Newsweek.

It was clearly seen that Harvey felt alone, despite all the goodwill and benevolence of his master. The latter eventually understood that the best thing to do was to find him a companion.

So he decided to adopt a puppy. Thus Deltaa young female, came to enlarge the family.

Harvey was over the moon when he met his little fellow. The 2 canines did not wait long before starting to play and chasing each other in all directions, as if they had known each other forever.

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harvey_shepinois / TikTok

The video below, posted on the account TikTok dedicated to Harvey (and now also Delta), the duo can be seen having fun in the garden of their owner, in their house in the North East of England.


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“He’s not scary. He is magnificent “

A sequence that has generated 2.1 million views and many comments. Many of the netizens who commented on it expressed their support for Harvey and his human, saying they did not understand how anyone could find this scary dog.

He’s not scary. He is beautiful, just like his best friendthus wrote Patricia Smith4576. I don’t know what’s wrong with people “.

I did the same for my dog. The best decision of my life “, reacted, for its part, the user natalia.tayson.

Another video shared later shows other beautiful moments of complicity between Harvey and Delta :

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