The adorable reaction of a senior cat who hasn’t played for 2 years when he discovers his new toy (video)

It had been two years since Hemingway’s owner, an elderly Persian cat, had seen him play. The situation changed when he offered her a new interactive toy, obviously to the taste of the old feline. A touching scene that he did not fail to film.

After a certain age, cats obviously no longer have the energy or physical abilities of their youth. They live in slow motion, in a way, and are less inclined to play and exert themselves.

At 16 years old, Hemingway largely prefers naps and rest to frenzied play sessions with the other cats in the family. According to its owner, who publishes on Reddit under username ItsBBgoththis old Persian would not have played for 2 long years.

The person obviously never tried to force him to do so, knowing full well thatHemingway has its own rhythm of life and that it is important to respect it. For a senior cat, the exercise must be moderate and adapted, knowing that his joints and, more generally, his body are weakened.

ItsBBgoth still wanted to bring out the soul of a dozing kitten in this cat by offering him a new playful gadget. The item actually piqued Hemingway’s interest, as seen in the video (below) that quickly went viral.

I bought a new toy for all my cats last week. For the first time in 2 years, Hemingway played “Explains the author of the publication.

He found his kitten soul

Intrigued by the interactive toy, the senior cat decides to approach it, then when the device starts to move the “decoy”, Hemingway has fun following it with his eyes, then trying to catch up with it.

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Illustration of the article: The adorable reaction of a senior cat who has not played for 2 years when discovering his new toy (video)

A scene that moved his human, but also many other users Redditwho were hundreds to comment on the video.


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