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The adorable video of a cat playing daddy hens with a puppy that keeps crying

Going viral on TikTok in no time, a video showing a cat comforting a sobbing puppy comes as a twist, in the most adorable way, of the cliché that canines and felines can’t get along. The confidence of the mother of the little dog towards the tomcat also proves that these 2 species are quite capable of appreciating each other.

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When we think of the cohabitation between cats and dogs, we often tend to imagine them bickering constantly, or at best, ignoring each other cordially. However, the representatives of these 2 species have many points in common and can perfectly coexist peacefully, even become attached to each other.

The extremely cute scene in question here is there to prove it. This is a video TikTok relayed by Newsweekand which totals 12.3 million views since its publication on the social network in early August.

In this sequence, we can see a cat comforting a crying puppy under the eyes of the latter’s mother.

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The feline responds to the name of fig and is a Burmese / Sacred Birman cross. His protege is a very young Golden Retriever who has not yet learned to walk. Her mother is called Olive and one can easily guess his fatigue; taking care of the little one and the rest of the litter is certainly not easy.

Besides, we see Olive rely completely on fig to soothe the puppy who keeps crying. At the end of her tether, the female dog prefers to stay slightly behind and let the cat take care of reassuring her, which he does brilliantly.

Fig’s paw and magic “kisses”

Touched by the canine’s tears, fig hastens to lie down beside him to snuggle up against him, lay a benevolent paw on his back and lick him. The effect is instantaneous; Puppy’s shaking and sobbing stops in seconds.

Here is the video:

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