the Advocate General requests 30 years of criminal imprisonment against the husband

Thirty years of criminal imprisonmentthis is the sentence required this Friday, December 10 by Advocate General Etienne Manteaux against Rashid Askari, on the 3rd day of the trial before the Doubs Assize Court of Rashid Askari, tried for the assassination of his woman Razia on October 30, 2018 in Besançon.

The Advocate General also asked the court to pronounce a 20-year prison term, to completely withdraw the accused’s parental authority, and to pronounce a permanent ban from French territory once the sentence has been served. Rashid Askari does not deny having killed his wife, but he has maintained since the start of the proceedings that his action was not premeditated and speaks of a “White veil“when he stabbed his wife 19 times, in broad daylight and in the middle of the street, in the Rosemont district of Besançon.

It is indeed a premeditated gesture, according to the Advocate General

The magistrate particularly focused in his indictment on demonstrate that it was indeed an assassination. “It was when he understood that his wife would not return that he decided to kill her and he tracked her down.“, details the Advocate General, relying on the messages that Rashid Askari sent to his wife who was fleeing domestic violence and that he ended up finding in Besançon: “I found you“, as well as his scouting in the Rosemont district where the victim lived.

According to the Advocate General, Rashid Askari had not planned to take action on the day of the tragedy, but he was fine-tuning his assassination plan and prowling the neighborhood, and bumped into his wife by chance, “he then decides to advance his project, he will kill her now“And it is not a discussion that degenerated as the accused would have us believe, continues Etienne Manteaux, because “Razia was violently hit multiple times in the back, when you want to talk you’re not behind someone’s back“.

This Friday afternoon, the floor will be in defense by Rashid Askari, before a verdict expected at the end of the day.

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