the anger of Kombouaré after the song of the Nice supporters on Sala

Nantes condemns the song on Sala of Nice supporters

At the end of the evening, FC Nantes published a press release to deplore and condemn the song on the death of Emiliano Sala sung by certain Nice supporters during Nice-ASSE. The Nantes club also thanks the OGCN and Christophe Galtier for their support.

The press release from Nantes:

“FC Nantes shocked by the songs of some Nice supporters.

FC Nantes discovered with horror the tenor of the songs of certain supporters of OGC Nice and can only strongly condemn such actions degrading the memory of Emiliano Sala.

At the same time, FC Nantes would like to thank OGC Nice and its coach Christophe Galtier for their support and their firm condemnation of such remarks.

FC Nantes as a whole supports Emiliano’s family and loved ones.

The anger of Kombouaré after the song of the Nice supporters on the death of Sala

After Nantes’ success against Rennes (2-1), Antoine Kombouaré expressed his disgust after the chanting of some Nice supporters on the death of Emiliano Sala: “Human bullshit has no limits, I am outraged. I don’t know what to say because I would risk being very violent. These guys don’t give a damn in a stadium. We would have that as supporters (in Nantes), they should be banned. These are people who don’t should no longer have their place in a stadium. It’s shameful. Our Emiliano is gone. I feel sorry for Emiliano’s family. I knew that sometimes the supporters could be violent, could be idiots, but these are really asses. There are no words to describe the bullshit of these people.”

With David Phelippeau in Nantes

This is the end of this meeting!

Nantes wins against Rennes (2-1), in a late match of the 36th day of Ligue 1, thanks to goals from Kalifa Coulibaly (45th) and Nicolas Pallois (71st) on one side against an achievement by Flavien Tait (32nd) on the other. Nantes are ninth, while Rennes are fifth, but see their Champions League spirits almost definitively vanish.

Nantes resists

The Nantes defenders are solicited until the end!

Another knowledgeable player

It is Tait who is warned, after a foul on Corchia.

reindeer grows

The Rennais come up against a Nantes defense, which resists!

Tel’s strike!

In the area, Tel strikes from the right, but his ball flies over!

New yellow card out

It is Blas who is warned, after a foul on Doku.

Blas harangues the crowd

In the euphoria of their Coupe de France title, Nantes are about to bring down Rennes.

Two last changes in Rennes

Bourigeaud and Martin are replaced by Tel and Ugochukwu. In Nantes, Coco replaces Coulibaly.

Rennes could lose big

A defeat and Rennes could see their chances of seeing the Champions League next year almost completely go away!

Terrier’s reaction

From afar, Terrier hits from the right, but Lafont can grab the ball.

Triple change also in Rennes

Truffert, Majer and Laborde are replaced by Meling, Guirassy and Doku.

Rennes tries to react

From a distance, Tait strikes with the right foot, but it is countered by Pallois. In the surface, Martin insists, but he is also countered.

Nantes takes the advantage!!!!

On this corner, Pallois, served by Blas at the far post, takes the ball with a volley from the left and scores! What purpose!

We call for a hand in the box

Served on a touch, Moutoussamy, in the box, strikes from the left, but Bourigeaud counters him. We claim a hand, but Nantes recovers a corner.

Triple change in Nantes

Geubbels, Bukari and Cyprien are replaced by Merlin, Appiah and Kolo Muani.

First yellow card

It is Cyprien who is warned, after a foul on Tait.

We go blow for blow

In the area, Bourigeaud strikes from the right, but Fabio counters it. Opposite, Blas, from afar, tries his luck from the left, but it’s not on target.

Laborde has been forgotten!

After this corner shot from left to right, Laborde, at the far post, takes the ball with the sole of his right foot, but his ball flies wide!

This ball has been touched

It’s a corner for Rennes, conceded by Castelletto, on this ball from Tait.

If the score remains there…

… then Rennes would climb to fourth place in the standings.

Bukari gets a magnifying glass

After this corner, from a distance, Bukari takes his chance from the right, but his ball flies away!

Nantes gets a corner

With each climb, Nantes puts his opponent under pressure. Corner obtained by Geubbels.

Tait is in great shape!

In the penalty area, Tait shoots from the left, but his ball goes just wide!

Not much is happening…

Rennes rotate the ball and Nantes defend.

Bourigeaud takes his chance

From a distance, Bourigeaud triggers an attempt from the right, but Lafont can grab the ball. Opposite, Coulibaly is then reported in an offside position.

We are going to warm up in Rennes

Guirassy and Doku left for the warm-up.

We left with the same

No change to report at the break, on either side.

Rennes’ answer!

At the entrance to the area, Tait takes his chance from the left, but Lafont deflects the ball, with the end of the gloves, for a corner!

Coulibaly already in action

From a distance, Coulibaly turns around and strikes from the right, but Gomis intervenes!

It’s time for the second period!

The kick-off was given and Nantes engaged.

It’s halftime!

At the end of the first 45 minutes of play, Nantes and Rennes are tied (1-1), with a goal from Kalifa Coulibaly (45th) on one side, against a goal from Flavien Tait (32nd) on the other.

Equalization of Nantes!!!!

Right side, in the penalty area, Bukari center strong in front of the goal. Coulibaly, from close, concludes with the right foot!

Coulibaly shows up

Served in the penalty area, Coulibaly places his head, but his ball flies over.

The firm hand of Lafont!

From a distance, Terrier strikes with his right foot, low to the ground, but Lafont quickly falls to the ground to ward off the danger, with a firm hand!

Rennes’ game leans to the right

Majer and Bourigeaud are prominent in this first period.

Bourigeaud takes a shot!

Bourigeaud takes care of an eccentric free kick on the left side. He chooses the direct strike from the right, but his ball hits the post!

Rennes goes on the attack

The Rennais will try to bring danger, on a corner obtained by Santamaria.

Nantes reaction

Coulibaly finally gets a corner for his own.

And five!

Tait scored his fifth Ligue 1 goal of the season.

Opening of the score for Rennes!!!

In the penalty area, Truffert strikes from the right, but Castelletto blocks it. On the right side, in the penalty area, Bourigeaud crosses back for Tait, who concludes with a shot from the right!

Burrow, him again

In the penalty area, Terrier wants to take the ball with his right foot, but he fails to bring danger.

Genesio is still not happy

The Rennes coach is not satisfied with the start of the game for his players.

Rennes has the ball

Possession of the ball is in favor of Rennes (59% against 41% for Monaco).

Terrier shows himself

On this new corner, Terrier, present in the penalty area, places his head, but his ball escapes the frame.

Rennes is dangerous!

On this corner, Laborde, in the penalty area, places his head, but he is countered by Castelletto. New corner for Rennes.

Finally a strike for Rennes

In the penalty area, Tait strikes with his right foot, but Castelletto blocks it and concedes the corner.

Genesio is furious

The Rennes coach is not happy with his men at the start of the game.

First strike of the match

From a distance, Bukari strikes with his right foot, but his ball misses.

Nantes residents respond

Nantes is starting to put its stamp on this derby. The Canaries try to bring danger from a corner, thanks to Bukari.

Fans make noise

Nantes have just won the Coupe de France. They are supported by an audience that responded.

Nantes shows itself

The Nantes people cornered the Rennais on their goal and tried to find a breach in the opposing block.

Rennes keeps the pace

The Rennais take their time and build their game, especially in the middle.

Rennes takes matters into its own hands

At the start of the game, Rennes already put their foot on the ball.

Let’s go for the first period!

The kick-off was given and Rennes engaged.

The composition of Rennes

A. Gomis – H. Traoré (c), Omari, Santamaria, Truffert – Bourigeaud, J. Martin, Majer, Tait – Terrier, Laborde.

Replacements: Alemdar (g), Assignon, Belocian, Meling, Ugochukwu, Diouf, Guirassy, ​​Tel, Doku.

The composition of Nantes

Lafont (c) – Corchia, Castelletto, Pallois, Fabio – Bukari, Moutoussamy, Cyprien – Geubbels, Blas, Coulibaly.

Replacements: Petric (l), Appiah, Pereira de Sa, Merlin, Coco, Augustin, Kolo Muani, Simon.

Antony Gautier at the whistle

At the Beaujoire stadium in Nantes, the referee of the match will be Antony Gautier.

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