the author Stéphane Haskell invites us to listen to our 4-legged friends

Your dog, adopted from a shelter, inspired you to create the book “In Electra’s Eyes”. What passage moved you the most while writing?

When we write, we go back in time and stir lived memories. The passage that particularly marked me concerns the kidnapping of my dog. A man escaped from the psychiatric ward of a hospital had stolen my car, whileElectra was sitting inside. He fled and disappeared for several days.

As I wrote this chapter, I relived the hours of anguish during which I wondered where she had gone. It was the first time I thought of losing her… I had only left her for a minute; I felt guilty. I was responsible for a being who had been abandoned once and whom I had saved from SPA. When I picked him up 3 days later after the vehicle broke down and the police arrested the fugitive, I swore to myself to watch out for this being.

As stated Antoine de Saint-Exupéry : “ We become responsible for what we tame. »

What is the purpose of this book?

I published a book, Breatheand directed a film, Upright, which discuss how I got up through yoga after back surgery that left me paralyzed. This practice, along with meditation and silent walks outdoors, brought me closer to nature. They also directed me towards what I always wanted: a friendship with an animal. I talked about it everywhere, in my book and in my film.

Thus, I wanted to write about this powerful and subtle relationship that linked me to Electra, but also to push the reflection further by trying to answer this question: how does intuitive interspecies communication work? The idea of ​​using the story lived with my dog ​​appeared to me. It is a love story, an invisible but incredible bond and an incredible strength.

Electra felt when I was emotional, happy, sick or sad. I wrote down our adventures and conducted the investigation at the same time. I not only went to meet volunteers, veterinarians and communicators, but also animals. Today, I am convinced that animals have messages for us.

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Electra, Stéphane Haskell’s dog

Since its publication, have you had any feedback from other people living with a dog?

The founder of an association, with whom I became close, asked an interspecies communicator if her cat, malo, had a message for him. Like me, he had a revelation.

At the end of a conference organized in the Var, a businessman came to me to explain that he had lost his Yorkshire Terrier 6 months earlier. He asked me if we could communicate with the animals that left us.

I think this question haunts everyone who has had an incredible relationship with an animal, and our curiosity must go deeper. We must try to understand and listen.

What advice would you give to adopters, especially in terms of communication with their animal?

Since the death ofElectra 3 years ago, I adopted another dog, Codyparticularly fiery and “difficult” on leaving the SPA. Some dogs need more strict education than others, as I saw with him: I had to call in a dog trainer.

Also, an interspecies communicator urged me to watch out for his belly, as he had weaknesses there. He needed treatment and attention. She also revealed to me that he attacked males larger than himself, because he felt impressed. This is exactly what was happening… This information allowed me to act accordingly.

Communication and listening remain important.

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Coddy in the middle of the flowers / © Lea Santamaria

What did Electra teach you?

There are what we call “indigo animals”, that is to say, they come into our life with a mission, then leave it once accomplished.

Electra arrived 3 months before I found myself lying in a hospital bed. I got it back 6 months later. Upon her return, she became my coach. Electra taught me how to move forward step by step in life and reconnected me to nature through our walks… when I hated walking! This disease incarcerated me in pain, but my dog ​​allowed me to get out of this incarceration and my egocentrism. This is the greatest lesson she could give me.

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Electra in the wild in the open air / © Diana Haskell

How can pets help us reconnect with our surroundings, including nature?

With animals, cheating does not exist. We are at their side, we talk to them and an invisible, almost magical bond is woven between us.

Pets ask us to go out, to reconnect with the living, as well as our true human nature and our sensitivity. They allow us to open up to nature, to this other world that we tend to forget, especially when we live in the city. The animal explodes the walls that separate us, it’s simply wonderful.

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Electra and Stéphane have forged a unique friendship

You were saying earlier that animals have messages to communicate to humans…

I have collected a plethora of testimonials from people who have worked with both wild and domestic animals. I think they are asking us to listen to nature and connect with it.

Animals send us a warning message. Today, we must learn to listen to them to preserve our Earth, as well as our humanity.

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