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The beautiful metamorphosis of this abandoned dog with invasive fur after 45 minutes of grooming

Irie suffered neglect from her previous owners before they abandoned her. No one could then determine his race, since knots in his hair covered all of his pretty face and his body. Once rid of this burden, she began to flourish in her foster family.

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The shelter Rhode Home Rescue was entrusted with a dog in bad shape named Irie in June 2022. Her fur was so matted that the unfortunate woman could not move with ease or look at the world around her.

Otherwise, Irie was terrified of humans and seemed disoriented. Everything presaged that she had suffered not only the neglect of her former owners, but also acts of mistreatment.

The caregivers therefore provided themselves with a dog clipper and began to shave his hair. After 45 minutes of hard work, they finally discovered her beautiful face.

“The service did an amazing job. Irie was stressed, but relieved”said Hillary Gilindervolunteer of the association, to cute planet.

Make a clean sweep of the past

It turned out thatIrie is a young Bichon Maltese. Hillary instantly fell under her spell and took her into her home to help her overcome her fears.

“She is absolutely terrified of male dogs in particular and very fearful of men. We don’t know exactly what happened to her before she came to our house. All we can do now is help it flourish with love and kindness.”told Hillary.

Irie is quiet and unobtrusive. However, she is happy to benefit from the full attention of her benefactress who makes her listen to classical music to soothe her anxiety.

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The now more playful 5-kilogram young dog particularly enjoys walks and the soft blankets in her basket.

She follows Hillary everywhere whereas at the beginning, she refused any contact. “I’m so proud of how far she’s come since I got her”clarified Hillary now looking for the final home ofIrie.


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