The Bédeilhac-et-Aynat restaurant reopens its doors with the desire to be a cultural place

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The village of Bédeilhac-et-Aynat has finally found its restaurant! Renamed the Calamès, the establishment offers a new concept.

A little over a year after closing its doors, the village restaurant has just reopened thanks to the will of three passionate friends. Renamed the Calamès in reference to the castle of yesteryear, this new establishment now managed by Damien Matron, Gilles Heurtevin and Karine Vinson is undergoing a metamorphosis and is about to become a cultural café-restaurant.

“The idea is for this establishment to be an open place, a place of exchange with two major components, that is to say traditional cuisine that is as local as possible, and programming,” explains Damien Matron.

The Calamès therefore wishes not only to delight the taste buds but also to seduce the eyes and the ears. “There are a lot of things going on in the valley, so we are not necessarily going to add more at times when activity is at its highest, but rather slip into the interstices where nothing is happening”, underlines the partner. .

Shows, exhibitions, cultural or culinary workshops: the Calamès intends to vary the pleasures. “We will try to adjust. […] It can be concerts, street arts in small form, it can be storytelling, specifies Damien Matron. We’re starting and, for the moment, we don’t have a show contractor’s license, so we remain limited in the number of musical programs. »

Taking over a restaurant in the midst of a health and social crisis? Damien Matron, Gilles Heurtevin and Karine Vinson, these three lovers of Ariège respectively public policy consultant, mid-mountain guide and accommodation structure manager, have decided to take up the challenge: “We think it’s very difficult given the context, but people want and need a place like this. In France, there is no more coffee and we believe a lot in these social places where people of all categories meet. »

Le Calamès is open for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday and for dinner from Thursday to Friday. Hours will change over time. More information on the “Le Calamès” Facebook page.

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