The best Milanese veal chops in Paris

THE FIGARO SELECTION – This emblematic dish of the Lombard capital, consisting of a breaded veal cutlet traditionally fried in clarified butter, is multiplying on the tables – Italian, but not only – of the capital. Here are our favorites.


The place. Inaugurated last December, the seventh luxury hotel of the Italian fashion brand Bulgari houses on the ground floor the table of the 3-star Niko Romito (Reale, in Abruzzo). In a chic and refined setting in ocher tones, the quadra offers the great classics of transalpine cuisine (vitello tonnato, risotto alla milanese, spaghetti e pomodoro, tiramisu…). An apparent simplicity that hides an enormous search for lightness in the service of purity of taste.

The veal chop. Like this dish, which took him nearly a year of work, in order to obtain both uniformly cooked meat, but also a breadcrumb that does not come off. In summary, the thick sliced ​​veal is steamed at a low temperature before resting for a few days in the fridge. It is then dipped in a mixture of water, rice starch and a little clarified butter, and breaded with panko. When served, it spends a minute in a frying bath. Result: tasty pink meat and ultra-crispy breadcrumbs…

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