The bowl of water for a dog charged 30 cents in a restaurant scandalizes

The client of a restaurant in Annecy (Haute-Savoie) had an unpleasant surprise on July 2 to discover her bill. The bowl of water for his dog had been charged 30 euro cents. Shocked, she posted a photo of the note on Facebook. The publication has aroused many reactions from Internet users and professionals, says The Liberated Dauphine.

Some disagreed when others deemed the fare normal. On the side of the restaurateurs of the city, the measure was mainly astonishing. Several explained that they never charge for the animals’ water bowls and offered them spontaneously.

Complies with the law

The departmental directorate for the protection of the populations of Haute-Savoie recalled that nothing prevented you from charging for a glass or a bowl of water. The consumer must nevertheless be informed of this in advance. The restaurateur concerned said he wanted to “mark the occasion for a service rendered” and thus pay the employees who prepare, serve, clear and wash the bowl.

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