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The cat that disappeared in Châteaubernard almost a year ago reappears… in Soyaux

“Hello ma’am, we found your pet.” ” You are…

“Hello ma’am, we have found your pet.” “Are you sure? », she answered in disbelief at first. “Absolutely. The cat is chipped, the chip has spoken”. replied the general practitioner.

If Sara Boisgrollier doubted for a moment, it is primarily because Caramelle has not given any sign of life for almost a year. “She disappeared on 6 November last year. » The Castelbernardin didn’t believe it right away, also because the vet who called him works in a closet of… Soyaux.

45 minutes of travel, 45 kilometers, between the house where the cat disappeared from circulation and the closet where it was found. “Our cat never went far from home. It doesn’t seem impossible to me that he went all the way to Soyaux alone.”.

How did Caramelle end up in this closet? “The vet told me about a woman, unknown, who claimed to be from Jarnac, who took her to Soyaux for treatment. But she didn’t come back for him. » Sara Boisgrollier would have liked to call her to understand: “The phone she left behind doesn’t seem to be working.”

Believing she remained locked in a cage.

La Castelbernardine, who jumped into his car after the phone call from the veterinary office to pick up the animal, found it in poor condition. “She suffered a lot. Her face looks tanned, she barely has a voice and her nails are extremely long. If Caramelle had spent 10 months in the wild, I think her nails wouldn’t be like this. To think that she remained locked up in a house or locked up in a cage.”

“False”answered on Tuesday Christelle Viroulaud, a Sojaldicienne who contacted CL reads Sara Boisgrollier’s words. She was the one who took Caramelle to a vet in Soyaux. “This cat was treated very well “. This reader explains that the animal is “Arrived a little less than a year ago at the blue villa”, rest home Jarnac. The pensioners took him under their wing, she said, and fed him. Without trying to find out if the animal had an owner. “I myself spent a month at Villa Bleu and when I left there a few days ago, I took the cat to my home, to Soyaux and to a veterinary practice in my town. Without me he would never have found his home. I will have thanks”.

“Today Caramelle rests in the countryside”

Today Caramelle is resting. But not in Châteaubernard’s house. “We sent him to the countryside, to my parents-in-law. It was hard to bring her back where she disappeared. She became extremely frightened. And no longer recognizes my daughter, whom she was very close to. It is complicated to get her to come back today in a house where two new cats live today. Which never comes out. We are too scared. »

For the other information that Sara Boisgrollier slips is that the worrying disappearances of animals in the Châteaubernard sector have never stopped. “Again at the weekend someone left a piece of paper in our mailbox to say his cat is missing and to launch an appeal. There’s even a turtle that’s gone missing. There really is someone in our neighborhood who hates animals .”

Almost a year ago.  An entire neighborhood around Sara Boisgrollier and her children had mobilized to condemn the cat's worrying disappearance.

Almost a year ago. An entire neighborhood around Sara Boisgrollier and her children had mobilized to condemn the cat’s worrying disappearance.

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Who wants the skin of Châteaubernard cats?

Who wants the skin of Châteaubernard cats?

The cats of an entire district of Châteaubernard are mysteriously disappearing one by one. A good fortnight has given no sign of life. Two returned home in poor condition.

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