The client of a prostitute is stripped and bitten by the dog of his attackers in Nice

Early Tuesday morning, the police arrested the alleged perpetrators of an unusual assault.

The victim is the client of a prostitute who had made an appointment on an Internet site. Arrived at the address indicated, in the Trachel district, it is not the charms of a pretty young woman who await him but three men. His attackers rob him of his money and his scooter. As they pass, they strike him with blows and even let go of the Malinois that one of them is holding on a leash.

The victim manages to flee but is caught up in the stairwell by the dog. When the prostitute’s client finally gets out of this ambush, he alerts the police. But when the officials arrived, the alleged perpetrators had already slipped away. Two of them as well as the dog will finally be caught up in the very early morning on avenue Jean-M├ędecin.

Arrested, the suspects are currently subject to an extension of police custody.


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