The collective of lawyers Sustegnu Ghjuventù worried about the “marking” of high school students in Ajaccio

In an open letter to prosecutor of the Republic ofAjacciothe collective of lawyers Sustegnu Ghjuventubringing together advice from both rungs of Corsicaas well as exterior bars recounts having learned that “high school students going to Laetizia Bonaparte high school in Aiacciu would have been the subject of a search near the establishment”.

The group ensures that “These same high school students were marked by the police, on this occasion, with a PMC type spray (coded marking products) whose traces can remain for several months on the skin and clothing”.

The group is deeply concerned: “Unless we are mistaken, the use of this process is not provided for by any legal or regulatory provision. The said products do not seem to be mentioned in the national law enforcement plan”.

To this end, the collective recalls that a report was tabled in the National Assembly, in January 2021, drafted on behalf of the commission of inquiry relating to the inventory, ethics, practices and doctrines of preserve the order.

He underlines : “under the terms of the “recommendation number 21” (…) it is recommended that code marking products be used to facilitate the identification of apparently violent individuals on the sidelines of demonstrations, ensuring that they are only used on demonstrators committing misdemeanors”.

“Obviously, the marking of high school students near a school, outside of any demonstration, and a fortiori, in the absence of any observed infringement, contravenes the above recommendation. These processes, used outside any specific legal framework, appear to us to be largely questionable, both in terms of domestic law and with regard to respect for fundamental freedoms and the European Convention on Human Rights., the collective is indignant. Who asks the representative of the prosecution to kindly enlighten the collective on what happened and “to kindly take the necessary steps to put an immediate end to these practice”.

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