the couple accused of having already hidden around thirty remains near Lyon in 2020

The couple, accused of having concealed 62 corpses of cats in a freezer or in flowerpots in the Loire, acted in recidivism.

According to Le Progrès, the SPA of Lyon had discovered in March 2020 around thirty corpses of cats and the remains of a dog, in the freezer of a house in Villette-d’Anthon, in the north of Isère. The alert had been given by the neighborhood when the couple had left the accommodation several weeks earlier. The case had been reported by the Lyon SPA on its website. The gendarmes had discovered unsanitary accommodation and invaded by excrement. The investigation then showed that the animals had all died of malnutrition.

Two years later, therefore, history repeated itself in Bellegarde-en-Forez in the Loire. The recidivist couple, who no longer paid their rent, left their accommodation in a very advanced state of unsanitary conditions. On the spot, the owners discovered around thirty dead cats in a freezer and buried around thirty other remains in flower pots.

A police investigation has been opened.



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