The “criminal record” of this cat triggers laughter among thousands of Internet users!

Having just adopted a cat from a shelter, an Internet user shared a document with fun content, listing the little quirks and important things to know about her new feline friend. A post that elicited many reactions.

Emily Panone lives at Mount Pleasant, in the state of Michigan. On March 12, she presented on Reddit her new companion, a ginger cat she had recently adopted. She did this by posting a funny photo of the animal’s “criminal record”, reports Newsweek.

The document, visibly delivered to Emily Panone by the shelter where the cat lived, includes a photo of the latter, but also and above all a list of 16 “ things to know ” about her. It’s as much about little flaws and surprising habits as it is about qualities.

Illustration of the article: The
Emily Panone/Reddit

Thus, if the cat is described there as ” soft », « friendly ” and ” Hug “, we also learn that he tends to choose improbable resting places, that he likes to climb on people’s shoulders, that he is a little too clingy at times and that, instead of meowing and even if he is able, he prefers exhale in a pathetic way “.

An “unfair criminal record”

The print also mentions the animal’s history, indicating, for example, that it was bottle-fed in a veterinary clinic as a kitten, and that it frequently interacted with humans. The cat, which was called Sebastian James by Emily Panonehad had 2 host families, can we also read there.

On the health side, the document specifies in particular that he suffered from occasional diarrhea and that he was castrated in February 2021.

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Contacted by Newsweekits owner, whose username on Reddit is Familiar-Memory9316provided more information about Sebastian James, like his chicken allergy. Still in a humorous tone, she said, among other things, finding that ” his criminal record is unfair “.


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