The “do you know” of the day. Do you know what names given to dogs have angered a mayor?

The story dates back to 2014. In September, more precisely, when a resident of Saint-Nicolas-de-Port filed a request with the mayor for the detention of category 2 dogs, also called “dangerous dogs”, in l occurrence, of the american staffordshires.

But the owner didn’t choose just any names. In this case, Itler and Iva. Luc Binsinger, the mayor, refuses to sign the detention orders for the owner, seeing there “a pure provocation”, specifying that the person concerned, then a FN sympathizer, had wanted to put together a list for the municipal elections.

The city councilor had then seized the prefect of Meurthe-et-Moselle, in order to have the tools to force the owner to change the name of the animals.

Five months later, the mayor won his case: the owner had the name of his mastiffs changed, which then became Izio 4 and Iliza S. A new dog, a Rottweiler, also entered the official documents: Igor, said Ice-T. “If there is any reference, it’s too subtle for me. My imagination has its borders”, then let go of the mayor.

But, in fact, for the owner, the names were always the same, the change having just been made on the administrative documents.

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