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“The dog is Spinoza and Bergson at the same time”

You were far from suspecting it by adopting this dog. However, in contact with him, by sharing his life, you may have become a great philosopher of everyday life. In a fascinating treatise on canine philosophy, “Montaigne, Kant and my dog” (Delachaux and Niestlé), published last March, the essayist and philosopher Audrey Jougla shows us what there is of Spinoza in the joyful tail wagging of our canines. Maintenance.

What master are you?

I have always been very close to animals. I was a lonely child, without siblings, and I found comfort and affection in them. My parents were against adopting a dog. Ultimately, I think it was a wise decision. It is a very bad idea to give in to please, because the constraints of the animal and the restrictions it imposes on our freedom are very great. This also explains the many abandonments. So I waited until I was 22 to adopt my dog, Comédie. I had a job and a home and I imagined my adult life unchanged. Many owners may not realize how much events change in a life. The dog remains.

How did you turn this ordinary experience into material for philosophizing?

In spite of himself, the dog, with his habits, his needs, his universe and his behaviors, invites to philosophize. Any master has this experience, very common indeed. Take for example the walk: an invariable

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