The dogs lived in “dramatic conditions” in a breeding farm in Puy-de-Dôme

The description of canine breeding delivered by President Charles Gouilhers is edifying. Almost gags. After having followed a non-diplomatic training, in 2016, the defendant took over a farm, in Verneugheol, to convert it into an American Staffordshire breeding.
Several checks have been successively carried out since 2019, revealing shortcomings. Droppings in the house, some animals in poor health, others chained up… “You never respected the recommendations”, retorted the magistrate. Work was never carried out, for lack of sufficient means. His veterinarian would have even dropped him.

“They were parked here and there”

The dogs did not have individual boxes either: “They were parked here and there. In the barn, in garages or in habitable parts of the farm, ”describes the president.

“I couldn’t afford thirty boxes but I had a few. The veterinary report noted that twenty-six of the thirty dogs were in perfect health, ”defends the defendant, aged 50. “This is not what I read in the minutes”, opposes the magistrate.

And to add: “Some were in the cellar, without light. “Yes, there was a neon… Maybe not enough,” concedes the 50-year-old.

The animals were intended to be sold on the Internet. But the category claimed in the advertisements did not always correspond to reality for these defense dogs. One of the buyers ended up notifying animal protection associations.
The thirty dogs were entrusted to the SPA.

“We are in dramatic conditions for these animals who lived in their excrement. He found himself overwhelmed.”

Master Audrey Tovornik (SPA Lawyer)

“They were brought up in poor conditions”, adds Emmanuelle Cano to the prosecution.
Today, he only has one dog left and still lives on his farm, without running water and with very little income. “You are a little rustic all the same…”, observes Charles Goulhiers.

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Since then, he has given up his activity and drives school buses. “This situation is catastrophic, both for the animals and for him. He found himself in a downward spiral, he was in great financial difficulty, ”pleads Me Aline Grèze-Paillon.
The court acquitted the defendant of the misleading commercial practice charges. On the other hand, he was sentenced for the rest to a four-month suspended prison sentence, numerous fines for the various fines and above all to hand over €49,000 to the SPA for financial damage.

Julien Moreau


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