the dog’s reaction “shocks” the Internet!

The baby goat bites the dog’s ear: the reaction of the dog “shocks” the Internet!

What happens when a tiny goat decides to bite the ear of a big doggie? Probably not what you imagine!

Animals are marvelous beings who very often show immense capacities for tolerance and love. This is once again the case in the video in question today and which was shared on the social network Reddit.

In this short video of a few seconds, we can see a baby goat next to a huge dog lying on a sofa. The goat approaches the doggie and doesn’t hesitate to bite his ear!

A baby goat and an adorable dog

Contrary to what one might think, the dog is far from annoyed by the behavior of the baby goat biting his ear. Particularly patient, the dog even seems to appreciate this little moment of complicity, to the delight of his human who attends the absolutely adorable scene.

On the Internet, the video obviously met with great success and all Internet users were “shocked” to see how patient the dog is and how adorable the scene is.

We let you discover it below:

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