The Galeries Lafayette restaurant in Clermont-Ferrand will open at the end of 2022

The deadline is becoming clearer… The Galeries Lafayette restaurant will open at the end of 2022. Indeed, after the development of a whole corner dedicated to the home, with La Redoute Interiors and AM.PM, the 3rd floor will soon host new works: those of the future restaurant area.

Soon a restaurant at Galeries Lafayette in Clermont-Ferrand, with a view of Place de Jaude (2021)

Table service at lunch, tea room in the afternoon

The many existing windows have been cleared, which already gives a glimpse of the view of the Place de Jaude. For the rest, it will be table catering at lunchtime and a gourmet tea room in the afternoon. In this desire to highlight gastronomy, the delicatessen area, where you can find the brands and the spirit of Lafayette Gourmet de Paris, has been developed.

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Marion Chavot


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