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The GMBA audit network acquires a law firm

The alliance between chartered accountants and lawyers is a rare model in France. Apart from the Big Four, only a few brands such as Baker Tilly with Oratio Avocats and TGS France with TGS France Avocats offer an integrated service for both professions. The market now has a new player: GMBAvocats.

GMBAvocats was born from the alliance of the audit firm GMBA with the structure Nosten Avocats. The first was created in 1961 around the professions of accounting, tax, social and management consulting. With a turnover of 18 million euros in 2021, GMBA brings together 19 partners in France for a total of more than 170 employees. For its part, Nosten Avocats brings together six partners: Alain Nosten, Anne-Laure Moisset, Anne-Caroline Dupont, Célia Guillem, Frédéric Thienpont and Natacha Cagnati. The areas of intervention of the team cover the law of insolvency proceedings, commercial contracts, business litigation, labor law, taxation and wealth management. Their union takes the form of an SPFPL, a financial holding company for the liberal professions, a faculty offered in 2015 by the Macron law.

The logic is as follows: to offer the audit firm’s client companies legal support in business law. To the subjects provided by the team of Nosten Avocats should be added in the coming months, according to Raymond Dorge the president of GMBA, skills in intellectual property law, real estate, rural, environment and association law. In addition, GMBA is a member of the Walter France network of accounting firms, which is itself a member of the Allinial global alliance.

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