The good tables of Charente: “L’Algorithme”, the cream of brunch, swimming pool option

Particularity of this gargantuan brunch: oysters and shrimps. At will, like the rest.

Julie Desbois

You can even, to lighten your stomach, take a break and dive into the swimming pool, built almost two years ago and also accessible to brunchers from outside. As for the salads, the recipes change every week according to the mood of chef Grégory Suk, who has been at the head of the hotel restaurant, “L’Algorithme”, for a year and a half.

32€ the all-you-can-eat buffet

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That Sunday, fire on the vegetables with grated carrots, a crispy pie with vegetables from the sun, beetroot and a revisited tabbouleh. We then taste the huge platter of local cheeses (special mention for the Morbier) and charcuterie. To be tasted in gourmet moderation as you have to save room for the dessert table, which is different every Sunday. The cheesecake is melting like in the United States with its generous layer of red fruit topping. The chocolate tart is covered with a ganache to die for. Lemon mousse, soft apple pie, waffles, homemade pancakes as thin as in Brittany, to coat with spread, garnish a plate with a nice assortment and share with friends or family. The promise of no longer needing to eat until the next day.

Above all, you have to keep a place for the sweet, which offers delicious waffles, pancakes and cakes.

Above all, you have to keep a place for the sweet, which offers delicious waffles, pancakes and cakes.

Photo Julie Desbois

Brunch is served every Sunday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., from May to September. “In winter, it’s not profitable, we mainly open to groups “, underlines Arnaud June. Arrived six years ago after officiating at “Chez Paul” in Angoulême, and at “La Grange aux oies”, in Nieuil, he experienced the arrival of brunch in the establishment, a real fashion set up as a way of life for some followers. “ On the other hand, in season, it is better to book a week in advance because with our sixteen hotel rooms, the 45 covers quickly find takers », he advises. Count €32 for this all-you-can-eat brunch, with fresh juice and hot drinks. It is possible to add an aperitif to accompany the seafood.

Arnaud Juin, maitre d', ensures that customers do not miss anything.

Arnaud Juin, maitre d’, ensures that customers do not miss anything.

Photo Julie Desbois

L’Algorithme, restaurant of the Saint-Gelais hotel, 12 rue du Père Deval, 16000 Angoulême. Brunch every Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., by reservation. Such. 0545900264. Price: €32 (all you can eat).

The other brunches

In Angoulême, several cafés or restaurants offer brunch on Sundays: “La Cour” (three courses for €25), “L’Éclair Café” (€17.5 for sandwiches or burgers, waffles, yoghurt to compose and drink) , “Le Garden” one Sunday per month (22€ the formula, not unlimited), “Les Jardins des Arceaux”, the Mercure restaurant until mid-September (26€ all you can eat) and “Le Café de L’ Alpha” in Angoulême (20€ all you can eat on Saturday with two services at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.).

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